Membership Committee

Member Roster:
o    Elaine Dong (Co-Chair)
o    Songqian Lu (Co-Chair)
o    W. Michelle Lei Chan
o    Irene Ke Jiu-Hua
o    Yingqi Tang
o    Lulu Wang
o    Bin Zhang
o    Yuning Zhou
o    Ning Zou

Is this an interim or annual report?: Annual report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
1.    The committee continues retaining and reaching out to CALA members by sending out new member announcements and renewal reminders via CALA Listserv; and sending a welcome letter with CALA calendars to each new member. The committee also emailed personalized letters with last membership renewal date to inactive members three times during the past year. The total inactive members we reached via the personalized letters are over 200.

2.    As the result of our outreach efforts, during the past year (July 1, 2009--May 25, 2010), there are 48 new member applications, 161 member renewals, and 10 new life members. The totals of current and life members reach 501.

3.    Worked closely with the CALA Election Ad hoc Committee in April & May 2010 on updating and sending the contact information of eligible voting members

4.    Provide assistance with requests of member information from CALA members, units, and chapters.

5.    Progress of CALA Membership Management System Taskforce -- please see the Taskforce report

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:
The committee is still waiting for the board decision on our recommendations made to the Board in Dec. 2009.