Constitution and Bylaws Committee

Date: 13 Jan. 2010

Member Roster:
Karen Wei ( - Chair
Hui-fen Chang (
Min Chou (
Jie Huang (
Clement Chu-Sing Lau (
Hanrong Wang (
Anna Xiong (

Is this an interim or annual report?: Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
The Committee has reviewed the charges and noted some inconsistencies of practice, which the Committee would like to bring to the attention of the CALA Board.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:
The Committee members reviewed the CALA constitution and bylaws as published in the Chinese American Librarians Association 2008/2009 Membership Directory, p. 4-15. We offer the following observations which we would like to bring them to the attention of the CALA Board:

1. Constitution. Article VI. Section 2.4
The Committee noted that while there are 11 standing committees listed in this section, a few others such as the Conference Local Arrangement Committee, Best Book Awards Committee, Mentorship Program Committee, and Professional Development Grant Committee are omitted in the existing standing committee rosters. If these committees are to be added to Section 2.4 of the Constitution, respective amendments or additions are required in Section 2.5 of the Constitution, as well as in the Bylaws, Article IV, Section 9.2. Constitution. Article VI. Section 4.5. Committee Members
"The number of members in each committee, including the chairperson, shall be an odd number. The exact number of members in each committee is to be decided by the president." However, we note that several committees such as the Nominating Committee and Public Relations do not observe the 'odd number' in practice. The Board may wish to remind the committee chairs or the CALA President who appoints committee members to that effect.3. Constitution. Article VI. Section 4.5.c.
"The members of the Conference Program Committee, the Nominating Committee, the Award Committee, and the Scholarship Committee shall be appointed for a one-year term and cannot serve a second consecutive term." We note that some members of the 2010-2011 Conference Program Committee are appointed for a 2-year term and/or reappointed from the previous year. This needs to be addressed by the Board whether it requires amendment to a 2-year term?

4. In the past a few Task Force groups have been formed but there is no relevant section on the Establishment of Task Force in the Bylaws. We recommend adding a section to the Bylaws in which a brief statement on whose responsibility of forming a task forces, the term and charges, etc.