Executive Director's Report


31, 2009

As the new year of 2010 starts,
I would like to send warm and festival greetings to all our members! As we
prepare for the Chinese New Year in February, we are wishing everyone a happy
and prosperous year of the Tiger!

CALA has grown tremendously over
the past years, from relatively quite periods in the past to the active
involvement of our members in recent years, from stagnant numbers in our
membership to the drastic increase of new members as well as renewing members,
and from limited activities to the current wide range of programs and events.  All of this attributes to the love, care, and
involvement of our members for this wonderful organization. CALA has provided
many opportunities for our members, and they in turn have paid back by working
hard to advance CALA to a higher level of professional association.

My role as the team leader for the
team with the Think Globally, Act Globally US-China librarian exchange grant
project in November of 2009 led me to believe that such opportunities create
benefits on multiple levels for everyone involved. Our team not only
participated in the grant training program of Chinese librarians, but also took
part in the 2009 Library Society of China Annual Conference in Nanning, China.
While the dedication of our member with the grant project reflects a high level
of professionalism of CALA as an organization, the enthusiasm and eagerness to
learn on the part of Chinese librarians indicate a critical need for programs
as such among many Chinese libraries. Libraries in China are advancing at a fast pace never
seen before in history and such opportunities allow reciprocal learning on both
sides. We have to learn from each other in order to advance.

I was honored to represent CALA
at the 2009 Library Society of China Annual Conference and delivered a
congratulatory speech. It was obvious that CALA has become better known to the
Chinese library world. I was also privileged to meet and talk to Ms. Li Chun,
the Library Director of Beichuang County in Sichuan
Province in the
earthquake affected area who was buried for 75 hours and had gone through 12
operations. She has become the symbol of courage, perseverance, and love and a
great role model for many.

CALA's domestic visibility in
the US
has also witnessed a higher level of recognition. While ALA presidents for the
past several years have all spoken out about CALA's important role in reaching
out to China and promoting international collaboration, CALA's role in the
planning of the next Joint Conference of Color in 2012 has become more
important in building allies with other libraries associations, particularly
the other four ethnic caucus associations. As Co-Chair of the JCLC 2012
Steering Committee, I would encourage our members to get involved and find ways
to contribute to the success of this important conference.

I wish everyone a happy new