2009/2010 CALA Board Meeting II Agenda


2009/2010 CALA Board Meeting II

ALA Midwinter at Boston

January 16, 2010 (Saturday), 07:00 - 10:00 pm

Convention & Exhibition Center (BCEC): Room 203


All available reports are posted on CALA Web: http://www.cala-web.org/node/672

Please review, print and bring the Agenda, all the
handouts including reports, appendixes, proposals, recommendations and other
documents to the Meeting.
Please arrange the
documents according to the order in the Agenda.



I. Welcome and Self Introduction


II. Approval of Agenda




III. Approval of Minutes


1. 2008/2009 Board
Meeting III Minutes (July 11, 2009, Chicago)


2. 2009/2010 Board Meeting I Minutes (July 13, 200, Chicago)


3. 2009-2010 Board Special Online Meetings Minutes



IV. Sara Kelly
for 2011-12 ALA President


V.  JCLC2012 Steering
Committee Co-Chairs
- Janice Rice
& Haipeng
Li (7:30 pm)


VI. ALA Exe. Board Liaison to CALA- Diane Chen (7:45 pm)


VII. Molly Raphael,
Candidate for 2011-12 ALA President
  (8 or 8:15 pm)


VIII. ALA Spectrum
Presidential Initiative
- Camila Alire & Jim Rettig (around 8:30 pm) confirmed


IX. President's Report: Xudong Jin


X.  Executive
Director's Report
: Haipeng Li


XI. Treasurer and Finance
: Shuyong Jiang (Treasurer) and Lian Ruan (Finance Chair)


XII. Committee Reports


A.    Alire Initiative Taskforce: Nancy Hershoff & Dora
Ho (Co-Chairs)


"To show full support of the
Alire Presidential Initiative and also to increase CALA's visibility in the
national and international library community, the Alire Initiative Taskforce recommends
CALA make a significant matching contribution of $1500 (out of CALA's operating
funds), to ensure the success of the ALA/CALA Family Literacy Focus Project



B.     Annual Conference Program
Planning Committee (2009-2010):
 Zhijia Shen (Chair)


C.    Annual Conference Program
Planning Committee (2010-2011):
Min Chou (Chair)


D.    Awards Committee: Li Fu (Chair)


E.     Best Book Awards Committee: Miao Jin (Chair)


F.      CALA JLIS Editorial Board, Min Chou (Chair)


G.     Conference
Travel Grant Committee
Mengxiong Liu (Chair)


H.  Constitution & Bylaws Committee: Karen Wei (Chair)


I.   Finance Committee: Lian Ruan (Chair)
Suggestion: Finance Committee reports from previous years made available to
incoming chairs of FC.


International Relations Committee: Qi Chen & Guoqing
Li (Co-Chairs)

Suggestion: Modify presenter selection guidelines of the
CALA 21st Century Librarian Seminar Program


Membership Committee: Songqian Lu, Elaine Dpng (Co-Chairs)

1. Publishing Membership Directory online with password access

2.  Modifying the CALA
Membership Application Form



Mentorship Committee: Wenwen Zhang (Chair)


Nominating Committee: Sha Li Zhang (Chair)

            Approval of Slate of Candidates



N.  Public Relations/Fundraising Committee: Maria Yuen-Hung Fung &
Hong Xu (Co-Chairs)


O.  Publications Committee: Miao Hong (Chair)
1. Recommendation: Continuing
appointment of David Hickey to serve as assistant OPS editor for another term.

2. Other
a. Projects to promote the existing CALA publications
b. Projects to develop new programs and publications
c. Recommendations for improvements to
the CALA Website
d. Marketing CALA publications to other communities

P.  Sally C. Tseng's Professional Development Grant Committee: Esther
Lee & Wen-xian Zhang   (Co-Chairs)


Q.  Scholarships Committee: Hanrong Wang (Chair)

Suggestion: offering
scholarship to part time students


Web Committee: Bin Zhang & Vincci Kwong (Co-Chairs)


XIII. Reports from Ad Hoc
Committees, Taskforces, Representatives and Others


A.  Membership Management System Taskforce:
Songqian Lu & Bin Zhang (Co-Chairs)

B.  Review of Emerging
Leaders Program Taskforce
: Qi Chen (Chair)

C.  Strategic Plan
: Liana Zhou (Chair)
Discussion: The TF would like to solicit the Board's advice and guidance for
the five year strategic plan

D.  Taskforce on
Donations for Natural Disasters Guidelines
: Lisa Zhao (Chair)
Recommendation: Approval of Guidelines for CALA's Fundraising and
Donations Due to Major Disasters.



E.  Taskforce on
Helping Taiwan Libraries Destroyed/Damaged by the 88
 Typhoon Marakot: Sally Tseng & Tzi-Chung Li (Co-Chairs)
Recommendation: The Taskforce recommends presenting a check to
LAC's Head of Delegation, in the amount that we will have raised by June
2010, at the CALA Awards Banquet during the 2010 ALA Annual Conference to
be held in Washington, D.C. in June.  This check is from the donations of
the CALA Morakot Typhoon Relief Fund raised in support of two libraries in
Taiwan affected by the disaster in August 2009 for rebuilding their library



F.  Taskforce on
Rebuilding Libraries in 512 Earthquake Areas in China
: Sally Tseng (Chair)


XIV. Reports from Chapter


A.    Greater Mid-Atlantic Chapter: Ding Ye


B.     Midwest Chapter: Jen-chien Yu


C.    Northeast Chapter: Li Sun


D.    Northern California Chapter: Yi Liang


E.     Southeast Chapter: Lili Li


F.     Southern California Chapter: Yongyi


G. Southwest Chapter: Zhixian (George) Yi