Best Book Award Committee

Date: 5 Jan. 2010


Miao Jin, Chair

Hong Cheng

Yi Liang

Lan Shen

Hongyan Sun

Julia Tung

Warren Wright

Is this an
interim or annual report?:
Interim report

List significant
activities the committee has done since last report:

The Committee discussed problems with the current
nomination and voting process for the best book award in December.  Problems identified include:


1.         Nomination
process: Committee members have been recommending all books for each award


Possible solutions:


      More people
maybe encouraged to participating in the nomination process.        

Recommendation should come from CALA members and other professionals in

      the field,
not only come from the Committee itself.



2.         Voting
process:  the current practice is to ask
committee members review all nominated books and vote for the award books for
each category.  It has been very
time-consuming for committee members to read all nominated books.


Possible solutions:


Committee will select up to five nominations in each category, and each

needs to been separately reviewed by a sub-committee or task force,

members are not necessary the Committee members.

       The final
voting can come from a group which includes Committee members,

executive board members, sub-committee/task force members, plus  

and Chinese Studies libraries of major East Asian libraries for the Best 

Book Award, or directors of public libraries of Chinese communities

       for the Best
Popular Book Award.


3.         Level of
award: APALA already has a book award that is similar to CALA.  Should we repeat this effort?  More discussion is needed to make the


 List committee
recommendations, if any, to the Board: