2009/2010 Emerging Leaders Program

Date: 22 Dec. 2009

COMMITTEE/OFFICE NAME: 2009/2010  Emerging Leaders Program


This year CALA has two selected members joining the Program. They are:

MingYan Li

Ning Zou

Lisa Zhao is appointed to be the mentor in this year program.


* From the Office for Human Resource Development & Recruitment of ALA, the group received Beatrice Calvin, an Emerging Leaders Program Coordinator's email and indicated following issues:

-         Our program has been classified into the 2010 Emerging Leaders Project Team G;

-         She assigned team members as:

o   J. Drusilla Carter

o   Jessica Kayongo

o   Mingyan Li

o   Stacy Lickteig

o   Ning Zou

o   Miguel Figueroa, CALA Staff Liaison

o   Liza Zhao, Member Mentor

-         She told the team that "The team is not expected to start working until after you meet at the Midwinter Meeting."

* Before receiving Ms. Calvin's email, Lisa Zhao has sent a preliminary draft to MingYan Li and Ning Zou about how to start the project. Lisa indicated the major focus of this year project mainly as:

-         Review the site of CALA 21ST Century Librarianship Seminar

-         Design a blueprint for the new web site for  the CALA 21st Century Librarianship Seminars which includes:

o   find and recommend an good and economic platform for the site to land on

o   outline for the content under each seminar

o   outline the design of the page (i.e., design on each page, how many layers, etc.)

o   recommend what software could be use for design and transfer the current content to the new site

o   recommend on how to maintain the site

-         Put the findings together in order to

o   start a new web site for the seminar project easily and practicably; 

o   form a presentation in next CALA annual program at next ALA annual program.

So far this plan has not been seriously discussed.

For the past one year committee work, what is your best experience to share:

CONCERNS AND SUGGESTIONS: (Use additional sheet as needed)

In terms of limited time, this year the two participants will only make an outline and give the detailed suggestion for improving the web site. They will not be able to start a new web site.


Reported by: Lisa Zhao