Great Mid-Atlantic Chapter

Great Mid-Atlantic Chapter of
CALA had a smooth year for 2009. The new board took office on July 1, 2009 for
the 2009-2010 term. The current president is Ding Ye (Asia Studies &
Linguistics Bibliographer at Georgetown
University), VP is Dr.
Ming-sun Poon (China Studies Librarian at LC), treasurer is Yuan Yao
(Congressional Research Center Librarian at LC) and secretary is Yuning Zhou
(Librarian at Department of Labor Library).


The chapter fall program for
2009 is a presentation by Dr. Hua-wei Lee (former Asian Division Chief of
Library of Congress) and Mr. Yuan Yao
on October 26, 2009 in the Asia Division Foyer of LC. Dr. Lee was one of the
few who initiated the IMLS Program of "Think Globally, Act Locally" Sino-US
Librarian Exchange Program. The project was finally materialized thanks to the
leadership of outstanding professionals throughout US and China. As the
adviser and chief evaluator of the program, Dr. Lee gave a presentation on the
mission, principles, evaluation and assessment of the program. Well-prepared,
refined and structured, Dr. Lee elaborated the project-from its inception to
the on-site evaluation and assessment-and briefed the audience on various
aspects of the implementation of the project in China. Mr. Yao was one of the team
members who went to China
in September and presented on aspects of US library management issues. Yao used many examples to illustrate the lively and active
exchange among library professionals between US and China. Both presentations were
enlightening, informative and very encouraging. The program was well-received
and praised by the attendees. Although the program was held on Monday, October
26 at LC during the lunch time, the program was attended by an estimate of 30
CALA members from GMAC chapter.


Prior to the 2009 Fall
program, the board met several times and communicated with each other through
various e-mail conversations to coordinate on details of the program. A special
thank-you goes to Ms. Cathy Chuang-Chia Yang-a veteran CALA member and
Librarian at LC-- for her special efforts in making the program a success.


The board met on December 18,
2009 to brainstorm and discuss details on GMAC-CALA as the host for the
upcoming visit by Chinese Librarians in June 2010, which is also a part of the
IMLS-UIUC project.

  • CALA GMAC Chapter board will coordinate with both
    UIUC and Asian Division of LC (Dr. Anchi Ho) on the upcoming visit of
    Chinese librarians in June 2010.
  • The itinerary of their visit in DC area will be
    dependent of their time frame and availability. We will keep close contact
    with Dr. Jiang Shuyong on their interest, program requirements and time
  • Visits of local libraries shall include LC,
    public libraries (such as Rockville Public Library and Fairfax Public
    Library) depending their time availability. Special contacts will be
    sought to coordinate the visits and orientations.
  • Details will be discussed among the board members
    possibly next March or April when their plans become clearer.

The board also discussed
details on the CALA Annual Banquet during ALA in June 2010.


  • The key to host such a significant event is to
    identify a restaurant with a good package offering of price and convenient
    location. Board members seem to favor Han Gong Restaurant in Rosslyn.
  • Contact and negotiation will commence in February
    or March with the restaurant. Details will be submitted as to the head
    counts of participants, price per person (gratuities included).
  • We will keep close contact with Jin Xudong as to
    the details of the event--head count, special arrangements, fundraising,
    program, door prize, etc.
  • CALA GMAC Chapter will collaborate and coordinate
    with Jin Yudong as to the logistics--such as desk registration, final
    program and possible talent show/performance.



Ding Ye


GMAC-CALA, 2009-2010

December 22, 2009



Dr. Ming-sun Poon

Mr. Yuan Yao

Ms. Yuning Zhou