Membership Management System Taskforce

Date: 31 Dec. 2009

Member Roster:

Is this an interim or annual report?: Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

CALA Membership Management System Taskforce continues
its hard work to fulfill the mission of the Taskforce.

followings are done after last report:

  • The membership
    database (over 1300 records) cleanup task has been completed, guided by the database field input guidelines created by the Taskforce
  • More tests with membership database have been conducted

The Taskforce is working closely with the Web Committee and the
Membership Committee on implementation of the new membership management system.
If everything is going well with
the Web Committee on CiviCRM configuration, the Taskforce will expect a
basic membership management system in place by the ALA Annual conference in

following are the tasks need to be done next:

  1. To
    conduct the second Taskforce member online meeting.
  2. To
    update the Taskforce members on the implementation of Drupal6 and CiviCRM.
  3. To
    review the CiviCRM functionalities and applications to CALA membership database
  4. To
    revisit the current database structure and input guidelines
  5. To
    optimize the current membership updating procedures and the operating flow charts with CiviCRM
  6. To
    load the membership data to CiviCRM system and conduct the test.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board: