Southeast Chapter

LiLi Li, President (

Min Tong, Vice


Lou Zhou, Treasure (

Yingqi Tang, Membership


The following list summarizes of Southeast Chapter
activities in 2009.

1)    Membership

There are thirty-nine current members in the Southeast
Chapter, including four new members, and eight life members.


2)    Annual Activity

The SE Chapter's Annual Conference and BIGGER (Bibliographic
Instruction Group for Georgia's Eastern Region) 2009 were held
together on April 17, 2009 at the new Georgia Southern University
Library.  There are about 40 librarians and other professionals attended
this conference.  Dr. Bob Fernekes and
LiLi Li, two members of the CALA Southeast Chapter, attended this conference. This
conference focused on Information Literacy Instructions and Web 2.0
applications in dynamic academic learning environments.


3)    Other Related Activities

a) Members working
hard to strengthen the relationship & communication between CALA and China:

  • Participating in the project titled "Think Globaly,
    Act Globaly", Dr. Shali Zhang (Team Leader) and Dr. Bob Fernekes (Team
    Member) made their presentations at Nanjing, China in May 2009. More
    detailed information about their team is available from the following web
  • On July 14-19 2009, Hanrong Wang and LiLi Li
    collaboratively received two visiting Chinese library directors: Ms.
    Xiaowen Wang, Deputy Director of Liaoling Province Library, China; and Ms.
    Aiyun Wu, Deputy Director from Jilin Province Library, China, to visit
    southern regions in the United States. 
    With the assistance of Dr. Chih Wang (Member of SE Chapter) and
    Hanrong Wang (President of SE Chapter), two visiting Chinese library
    directors were able to visit Atlanta Public Library, Alabama Public
    Library, and Jacksonville University Library. 
  • As one of team members for the CALA 21st Century
    Librarian Seminar Project, Hangrong Wang made a presentation on
    November 18-20, 2009 at Donghua University, Shanghai, China. Her presentation's
    topic is "References in American Academic
    Libraries: Services, Sources & Librarians". More detailed information
    about her presentation is available from the following web link:


b) Members working hard
in their professional areas including presentations, publications, and
broadcasting CALA.  These include but not
limited to:

  • Min Tong (Life Member and Vice President of SE
    Chapter) presented at the annual conference of Florida Library Association
    (2009) on May 7, 2009. Her presentation topic was "4.5 Librarians Serving
    11 Campuses? The Synergy of Collaboration."
  • Dr. Bob Fernekes (Member of SE Chapter) participated
    in the 13th Internet Librarian Conference, which was held in
    Monterey, CA on October 26-28, 2009.
  • LiLi Li and Lori Lester published their paper
    entitled "Rethinking Information Literacy Instructions in the Digital Age"
    via the International Journal of Learning.