Southwest Chapter

Date: 28 Dec. 2009

Member Roster:

Zhixian Yi, President

Irene J. Ke, Vice President

Kwei-Feng Hsu, Treasurer

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interim or annual report?:
Interim report

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activities the committee has done since last report:

The Southwest Chapter is going to host a CALA program at
the Texas Library Association (TLA) Annual Conference in San Antonio in April
2010. Our program title is Managing Change in the Information Age and will be
featured by three speakers, Delene DeLaRosa, director, Quitman Public Library;
Julie Todaro, dean of library services, Austin Community College; and Zhixian
(George) Yi. This program highlights the multiple approaches library leaders
use to manage change in technology, reference, collection development, and

We are making effort in recruiting new members. This year
Ms. Guopeng Zhang, librarian of Westwood College - Houston South Campus, and
Zhixian Yi have joined the CALA as life members.

We didn't have our semi-annual gathering at the beginning
of this month. The next gathering is planned to be around the Chinese New Year
of 2010.   

Submitted by

Zhixian Yi

President 2009-2010

CALA-SW Chapter

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