Family Literacy Focus Project Proposal Task Force

Alire Presidential Literacy Initiative

Family Literacy Focus Project Proposal Task Force



December 22, 2009


The Task Force was appointed by the CALA President
immediately after the 2009 ALA Annual Meeting in mid-July.  The charge of the Task Force was to establish
a project proposal and submit it to ALA Diversity Initiative Committee for
approval by September 15, 2009.   To meet
the ALA deadline, the Task Force needed to complete its work by August 31,
2009, in order to allow the CALA board a two-week period for discussion and
approval before submission to ALA. 

The Task Force held four telephone meetings and numerous email
discussions in the months of July and August, 2009, to review and discuss
project proposal guidelines, to solicit ideas from CALA membership and brainstorm
ideas, to develop a framework, and to finalize a project proposal entitled, "Dai Dai Xiang Chuan (代代相传/袋袋相传): Bridging Generations, a
Bag at a Time."  The proposal
was then submitted to the CALA board and ALA Diversity Office on time.  In early November, ALA Diversity Initiative
Committee announced that the CALA proposal was accepted and granted CALA $3000
to implement the project. 

The Memorandum of Understanding
for the project implementation was signed and submitted on November 20, 2009.  The Task Force was then asked to come up with
an implementation plan since the implementation will take place between
February and May of 2010.  The
implementation will culminate in a presentation and panel discussion of the
project at the 2010 ALA Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. 

In mid-November, the Task Force
regrouped itself quickly and held several online discussions.  The Task Force devised an implementation
plan, which includes a National Advisory Team (NAT) and a Local Implementation
Team (LIT).  The National Advisory Team
consists of the original members of the Task Force, a member of the CALA PR and
Fund-Raising Committee, and the CALA webmaster. 
The Local Implementation Team is composed of a CALA President appointed
chairperson and participating library representatives.  The project is expected to be implemented
simultaneously in the eastern, middle, and western regions of the States. 

The Task Force is required to
report its progress to the Diversity Initiative Committee on January 8, March
15, and June 1, 2010.  On December 22,
2009, the CALA President initiated a call for participating libraries via email
to the general membership.  It is the
hope of the Task Force that the responses will warrant careful review and
selection in early January, 2010.  In the
meantime, the Task Force realizes that some fund-raising effort will be needed
to subsidize certain items needed for the Showcase Day at the participating
libraries, due to ALA grant usage limitation. 
However, time constraint might be a major challenge for this effort.

Given the short timeline and the expediency of the project implementation,
the Task Force would like to make a proposal to the CALA board at its first
midwinter board meeting on January 16, 2010. 
The proposal reads as follows.

"To show full support of the Alire Presidential Initiative and also to
increase CALA's visibility in the national and international library community,
CALA should make a significant matching contribution of $1500 (out of CALA's
operating funds), to ensure the success of the ALA/CALA Family Literacy Focus
Project implementation."



Respectfully submitted,   

Nancy Hershoff, co-chair

Dora Ho, co-chair

Jen-Chien Yu

Liana Zhou

Ning Zou