International Relations Committee

Date: 22 Dec. 2009

Roster  (Please list Chair as the first

Guoqing Li;

Lisa Zhao

Sherab Chen;


Karen Wei

Ying Xu

Chen, Qi

Is this an
interim or annual report?:
Annual report

List significant
activities the committee has done since last report:

1.         Committee
was called to order

2.         Reviewed
20 applicants for IMLS grants and made recommendations

3.         Called
for Yunnan and Shanxi project

4.         Reviewed
applicants and ready to make selections

5.         Worked
and organized with Shanghai Donghua project.

6.         Qi Chen,
Co-Chair of the IRC led the group of 4 librarians for DongHua Unviersity Seminar,
which was a success. During the seminar, Qi met many library directors and
explored future seminar projects with Tongji, Shanghai Jiao Tong
University,  Jinggangshan Univ. in
Jiangxi, Qindao Agriculture Unviersity Libraires and others.

7.         Qi Chen
was also invited to speak to librarians at Tongji and Shanghai Jiaotong
University Libraries and discussed future seminar possiblities on behalf of the

List committee
recommendations, if any, to the Board:

Modify selection process and screening applicants, in the
application, the following questions should be answered by the applicants:

1.         Have you
presented in CALA related overseas seminars? If so, please indicate where and
when and list references.

2.         What is
your presentation style?

3.         What is
the most important thing in presenting in China?

4.         What and
how do you engage the audience when you present?

5.         We all
understand that team work is very important. Would you please list a few things
you have done in the past to make yourself a good team player?