Publications Committee


Chairperson: Hong

Members: Guoying
Liu, Hongyu Li, Lo Leo, Yanjuan Zhu, Zao Liu, Lorna Tang

Ex-officios: Min
Chou, Xue-Ming Bao, Priscilla Yu,  Sai
Deng,  Elaine Dong,  Songqian Lu

Is this an
interim or annual report?:
Interim report

List significant
activities the committee has done since last report:

Committee Charges (1) Appoints CALA OPS Editorial Board
members (assistant editors) recommended by the CALA OPS Editor. 

David Hickey will finish his term as member of the CALA
OPS Editorial Board in June, 2010. The OPS editor in chief has suggested that
David serve another term on the OPS Editorial Board. The committee conducted an
online discussion and vote. All members except two participated in the
discussion and agreed with the recommendation that David Hickey serve another
term as assistant OPS editor. The recommendation will be made to the Board at
the Midwinter 2010.


Committee Charges (2) initiates and implements projects
and programs related to CALA's publications; (3)advise the CALA Board on issues
related to CALA's publications; (4) continue the project, "Spotlight on CALA
Members"; (5) review the new CALA Web site and make recommendations for
improvements to the Web Committee.

The committee carefully reviewed the CALA publications
and other information available on the CALA Website. The members have come up
with many constructive ideas and suggestions. (See List of committee
Recommendations to the Board)



The OPS Editor in chief made two major efforts to reach
out for paper submission. One is a call for paper through CALA listserv in
early September, 2009. The other is to send individual email messages to the
presenters of a CALA seminar series soliciting manuscripts for the OPS.

The OPS Editorial Board has received a manuscript
submission. The paper is currently being reviewed and is expected to be
published in the next issue of the OPS.

List committee
recommendations, if any, to the Board:

1. Projects to promote the existing CALA publications

  • To
    develop a specific theme for each issue of the newsletters, and then solicit
    articles from the CALA members
  • More
    advertising for the CALA journals
  • The
    Publications Committee work collectively to publish professional papers in the
    CALA publications such as the CALA OPS Series. 
  • To
    sponsor a Webinar on publication for CALA members to share their interests and
    problems in publication


2. Projects to develop new programs and publications

  • Publish
    a book or a Webpage celebrating publications/research achievements by CALA
    members, including books, refereed journal papers, and etc. It can be in a form
    of a book (if we have the budget) or a web page.
  • Suggested
    themes/topics for CALA publication and programs include recent developments in
    information technology and it's applications in libraries; librarians' professional development and career paths; directions on
    how to conduct research in librarianship.

3.  Recommendations
for improvements to the CALA Website 

  • To
    improve the Webpage of "Chinese Materials Websites" : add direct
    links to Chinese resources

Current problem: only gives a list of Websites of some
public libraries and one university library, except the Mid-America Chinese
Resources Guide, South Florida Chinatown, Overseas Chinese News, The Chinese
Association of Science, Economics & Culture of South Florida, and the San
Jose Public Library Chinese resources.

The first two categories are by state, California and
Florida, while the third and the fourth are by regions, Midwest and Northeast.
For consistency, we could make a list of Chinese resources by state or by
region. Resources from other regions could be added, such as Southeast.

  • To
    compile a more current list of books to add to the Recommended List of Chinese
    Materials. None of the books
    in the Recommended List of Chinese Materials seem to be from the last decade.
  • To
    build a Webpage on Chinese resources for Chinese learners
  • To
    create a Webpage to provide guide to Chinese book acquisitions for libraries
  • To
    check the contents of the publication Webpage to see if it needs to be updated

Other suggestions

"Gain more exposure for CALA by
marketing our publications to communities outside of our own Chinese American
librarian community. For example, we could write about how non Chinese American
librarians can participate in our activities and solicit articles from
non-Chinese American librarian perspectives."


Submitted by Hong Miao on behalf of the Publications