Membership Committee

Name of the
Membership Committee

Member Roster:

Elaine Dong (Co-Chair)
Songqian Lu (Co-Chair)
W. Michelle Lei Chan
Irene Ke Jiu-Hua
Yingqi Tang
Lulu Wang
Bin Zhang
Yuning Zhou
Ning Zou

Is this an
interim or annual report?:


significant activities the committee has done since last report:

1. We created the new edition of CALA 2008/2009 Membership Directory, including the updated membership list as well as officers and committees. The new Directory was simplified to reduce pages and protect privacy of members according to the approved committee proposal. With the great help from Midwest Chapter members, the directories were printed and shipped out to 459 current/life CALA members and 10 organizations that have sponsored the Directory and CALA activities in Dec. 2009.

2. As continuing efforts from the last year’s initiative and with the strong support from the CALA Board, we have purchased magnetic calendar this year again to use as a token to reach out CALA members. The calendars have been sent to all active members with the copies of CALA 2008/2009 Membership Directory.

3. To retain and reach out more CALA members, we sent out 2 renew reminders on CALA listserv in Nov. and Dec. 2009; sent out renewal-reminding letters with CALA calendars to 234 inactive members (inactive between 2005 and 2008) in Nov. 2009; also keep on sending welcoming letters with calendars to the new members.

4. As the result of our outreach efforts, between July 1, 2009 and Dec. 8, 2009, we received 23 new member applications, 7 new life members, and 51 members renewed their memberships including some members that have been inactive for many years. The total active (current/ life) member is 471 as of December 8, 2009.

5. Please see the CALA Membership Management System Taskforce report on the progress of the Taskforce that our committee members participated in.

committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:

1. Publish the next edition of CALA Membership Directory online and provide password protected access to all active members:

a. Print and distribute limited copies of the Directory to meet the needs of related CALA officers, vendors, and CALA public relations;

b. For general members, the print copy will be available only upon request;

c. Create separate PDF files for the content of the Directory. By doing so, the Membership Committee will be able to post membership list by the end of the term in July, and update some information (such as the List of Officers and Committees that we usually receives later than July) later when it is ready;

d. Reach out the members by sending more tokens to members each year (using the funds saved from the printing and shipping of the Directory)
e. Question 1: Will our members feel comfortable to post the Directory online (even with the limited information exposed and password protected access)?

f. Question 2: Will the vendors continue to support us if we publish the Directory online? Should we reduce the advertisement fee for the vendors?

Major reasons for this suggestion are: the large cost (in 2009 total printing and shipping cost of the Directory is more than $4000), excessive labor and time (on printing and shipping), and lesser demand than supply (we believe that the print edition is not a necessity for the most of CALA members. One evidence is that although the distribution of print Directory was delayed this year (supposed to be in July but postponed to December), there were only a couple of members asked about the print edition by email)

2. Modify the CALA Membership Application Form on CALA website and make clear that the membership fee payment is required with the application form (we have found out several cases that people only filled out the form and didn’t make the payment):
Change "To apply for membership for CALA, fill out and submit the form below." Into "To apply for membership for CALA, fill out and submit the form with your membership payment."

3. Web Committee gives some CALA officers (such as the president of CALA, the chair of each committee, and the president and membership chair of each chapter) permission to access current Online Membership Database from the CALA web site, so that they can obtain member information as needed.

4. Post the CALA Membership Committee Manual and supporting documentations created and maintained by the committee to CALA web site so that they can be shared by the same committee in the future.