CALA Newsletter

Date:  16 June 2009

Member Roster:  Priscilla Yu, newsletter editor

Sai Deng, newsletter editor

Is this an interim or
annual report?: 
Annual report

List significant
activities the committee has done since last report:

The Committee made two calls, one in February and one in
March 2009, for members to submit news of their activities and achievements
during the past year for the Spring issue of the Newsletter.  We were surprised and pleased to receive a
number of outstanding reports and articles on the achievements from our fellow
CALA colleagues.  To further add color
and interest to the newsletter, we requested that they send photos of their
activities and accomplishments to us. 
The coming issue (by June) is unique as it further shows the many
talents of CALA members and their outstanding contribution to the Chinese Library

The newsletter is divided into six sections:  Announcements, Achievements of CALA Members,
CALA Board Meetings, CALA Interim Reports, Chapter Reports and Task Force
Reports.  Prior to making this decision,
we communicated with the CALA President and the Executive Director and
concurred that Board Meeting records should be archived in the Newsletter as
official records for CALA. In this issue we included not only the Board
Meetings, but a few interim reports, chapter reports, and task force reports
which we deemed of significant interest and value.

The news items were categorized, edited and entered
electronically.  These were laid out with
Microsoft Office Publisher 2007 and saved as a .pub file.  A PDF copy was also saved for wide web
distribution.  The Editorial Team is
comprised of two members: Yu is mainly responsible for content editing and Deng
is mainly responsible for layout design.

List committee
recommendations, if any, to the Board:

  1. For
    members who contribute news items, to encourage them to enclose photos
  2. whenever possible.

  3. Select
    one or two volunteers from the conference attendees who will be
    responsible for taking pictures of important CALA events and meetings.

Priscilla Yu and Sai Deng,