Executive Director's Report

Haipeng Li

July 5, 2009

Dear CALA Members and Friends:

I am happy
to report to you that this has been an outstanding year for CALA under the capable
leadership of CALA President Sha Li Zhang. 
CALA has made great strides on many fronts and has been able to involve
many CALA members in its programs, events, and other activities both nationally
and internationally.

Board has also been active this year, again thanks to the leadership of CALA
President, Sha Li Zhang. Starting in July of 2008, in addition to the board
meetings at ALA conferences in Anaheim, Denver and Chicago, the CALA Board has
held 7 special online meetings and has made many important decisions at these
meetings. The CALA Board of Directors and CALA president Sha Li Zhang should be
commended for these efforts in leading CALA forward in a very efficient manner.

In addition
to the CALA involvement in the IMLS grant program, and the CALA seminar
program, it is also worth noting about a year of unprecedented growth in CALA
membership, as indicated in Sha Li's report. As president, Sha Li worked with
the Membership Committee Co-chairs, Sonqian Lu and Elaine Dong, and committee
members and found creative ways to recruit new members and renewing inactive

The planning
of JCLC 2012 is well underway. I would like to encourage our members to be
prepared to participate in the upcoming committee work for JCLC 2012. The call
for serving/volunteering on JCLC committees will be out soon. Please watch for
the announcements.

I would also
like to take this opportunity to thank all CALA members for your trust in me by
electing me to the CALA Executive Director position this year. I always believe
in creating opportunities for our members, and in recent years, we have created
many opportunities for many of our members. It's important to get our members
involved and utilize the rich pool of talents and expertise our members have. I
am very much looking forward to working with many more of you in the future.