Constitution and Bylaws Committee

DATE:  June 15, 2009


Karen Wei, Chair 

Min Chou

Jie Huang

Clement Chu-Sing Lau

Hanrong Wang [not sure who s/he
is; emails have been returned]

IS THIS AN Interim or annual REPORT? __ Interim _X_Annual


Since the submission of the interim report in January 2009, the Constitution
and Bylaws (C&BL) Committee has continued to review the Organization's
working procedures (such as "Elected Offices", "Appointed
Officers", etc.) to determine if the rules and procedures as outlined in
the Constitution and Bylaws are properly followed.  The Committee also noted in discussion a
number of uncontested elections for some offices over the last several years,
with the exception of the election of Board members.

After closely examining the Organization's constitution and bylaws, the
Committee has determined that the Constitution and Bylaws as amended extensively
in 2007 are not the cause of the problem for uncontested elections and are not
being violated in any way and hence should remain in effect without needing
further changes. The Committee also supports the previous proposal that future recommendations of amendments to the
Constitution and Bylaws be scrutinized to make sure they are absolutely
necessary to ensure continuity and proper management of the Organization's
business. Since the Board has not referred any amendments to the Committee to
review during the past year, there are no compelling reasons to recommend any
parts of the constitution and/or bylaws be changed at this time after its
extensive revision only two years ago. 
However, some recommendations are presented below to address concerns
raised during the course of the Committee discussion.


1: The Committee recommends that no revisions or changes to the Organization's
Constitution and Bylaws need to be taken at this time. We reiterate the
recommendation advocated by the previous Committee that future recommendations
of amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws be scrutinized to make sure they
are absolutely necessary.

Recommendation 2: Recommends that the C&BL Committee will only review
concerns regarding issues on the C&BL formally brought to the attention of
the Committee along with proper documentations, and recommend possible
solutions to the Board for consideration. 

Recommendation 3: Referring issues relating to uncontested
elections to the Nomination Committee through the President. The nomination
procedures outlined in the C&BL indicate that for vice president/president
elect, executive director, and treasurer, the Nominating Committee should
select "no more than three nominees for each of the positions" and for board members,
"the number of nominees shall be between five and ten."  The Bylaws
further provide that "additional nominations can be made by a petition signed
by ten or more members with voting rights. Through the President, the C&BL
Committee recommends that the future Nominating Committee may look into this
matter and make progress in this area.