Annual Conference Program Planning Committee (2009-2010)

DATE: June 16, 2009

Committee Members:

Hershoff, Florida

Juin Kuo, Rice

Haipeng Li,  John
Cotton Dana Library, Rutgers University-Newark

Amy Tsiang, UCLA

Zhijia Shen, University of Washington (Chair)

Haihui Zhang, U of Pittsburgh

Liana Zhou,
Indiana University

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The committee was formed in the fall of 2008 with the
following responsbilities

  1. Determine
    a theme for the 2010 annual program
  2. Develop
    the agenda of the annual program
  3. Selecting
    guest speakers and invite them to the program
  4. Organize
    and present the CALA annual program in 2010

Activities and Progress of Projects:

  1. Zhijia
    Shen, CALA president-elect and chair of the program committee, formed the
    committee  seven  members in the fall of 2008.
  2. A committee
    roster and email list was set up for discussions online meetings. Several
    rounds of email communications were conducted to solicit ideas for a theme
    of the program.
  3. At the
    Midwinter ALA, Six of the seven members were able to meet after the CALA board
    meeting in Denver to brainstorm ideas for a theme and for guest
    speakers.  The one member who were
    not able to attend ALA midwinter, sent in her ideas and suggestions via
  4. Thanks
    to the enthusiastic participation of our members, we gathered some
    innovative ideas  and thoughts,
    which give us a good starting place. The committee will meet again during
    ALA annual conference to work on detailed plans.
  5. The
    Committee chair has been asked to do a poster session on behalf of CALA
    for the 2009 ALA Diversity Fair. 
    Members will be called to help staff the poster session, which will
    take place between 3:00 and 5:00 on Saturday July 11.