The purpose of the CALA President is to oversee and coordinate all CALA activities; to divide direct responsibilities among all CALA elected officers, committee chairs, and members.


Elected to serve a one-year term as Vice President/President-Elect before taking office of presidency. Serves a one-year term as President, and a consecutive one-year term as Immediate Past President. (VP/President-Elect chairs the Annual Program Committee; Immediate Past President chairs the Nominating Committee.)


1.      Serves as presiding officer for all CALA meetings; prepares meeting agendas along with the Executive Committee.

2.      Appoints committee chairs and members as needed or by request of the Executive Committee.

3.      Coordinates all CALA activities and ensures that they are in line with ALA's/CALA's stated mission and goals.

4.      Maintains close contact with CALA officers and the ALA Staff Liaison (Satia Orange coordinates all five ethnic caucuses' activities and communication).

5.      Reads all correspondence concerning CALA and delegates responsibilities to appropriate officer(s) or committee chair(s).

6.      Represents CALA at as many meetings sponsored by ALA Diversity Office and Spectrum Scholar Program as possible.


1.      Examines goals and objectives as reflected in reports from officers, liaisons, and chairs.

2.      Presides over CALA meetings during Midwinter and Annual conferences.

3.      Acknowledges CALA's corporate sponsors throughout the year in writing and through personal visits to exhibits. (This duty can be shared with the Executive Director.)


1.      Vice President/President-Elect

2.      Immediate Past President

3.      Executive Committee and officers, committee chairs and members


1.      Maintains copies of all correspondence and time tables from the Conference Arrangements Office.

2.      Maintains individual files on all officers, liaisons, and committees, including reports and correspondence summaries.



1.      Send preliminary conference schedule to the ALA Staff Liaison, including times of Executive Committee or Board meetings, Midwinter, and annual orientations. (Note that these are no-conflict times.) Ask the Liaison to check that all those who should receive conference mailings are on the Conference Arrangements Office (CAO) list. Watch for ALA's announcements.

2.      Inform officers and committee chairs of the meetings and stay in touch with them regularly.

3.      Distribute information concerning appointments made since the annual conference and address other changes to CALA Directory. Send updates in the committee roster to the Publicity Committee Co-Chair for the web roster. Remind officers and committee chairs of the upcoming deadlines: planning reports (copies to be sent to the President, Executive Director, Executive Committee, and committee members) and Conference Arrangements Office Midwinter meeting requests.

4.      Write the President's Column for CALA Newsletter immediately after the Annual meeting and forward it to the Newsletter editor.


Set schedules for Midwinter and Annual.


1.      Review planning reports and examine goals and objectives for the year.

2.      Remind Public Relations/Fundraising Committee Chair(s) to request vendor support through Exhibitor Contact & Relations Committee.


1.      Distribute updated rosters and schedule of CALA Midwinter meetings.

2.      Remind committee chairs to submit planning reports if they have not yet done so.

3.      Ask the Director for conference arrangements to remind chairs to submit preliminary conference program notices to Conference Arrangements Office.

4.      Call an electronic Board meeting if necessary, on the Board list, CALABD.

5.      Ask officers and chairs to submit Board agenda items. Set and publicize the agenda on CALA Listserv.


1.      Monitor work of committees.

2.      Contact all committee chairs to check on progress and prepare mid-year report to the President and Executive Director.

3.      Along with the Executive Director, call for agenda items for the Midwinter Board meetings.


1.      Distribute agendas for Midwinter Board meetings along with the Executive Director. Instruct all officers and committee chairs to submit a report for Midwinter.

2.      Invite ALA presidential candidates to the Midwinter Board meetings.


1.      Represent CALA at ALA meetings, including all caucus presidents' luncheons/dinners and Spectrum Scholar forums. Bring CALA flyers and membership application forms to these meetings. (This usually happens on Thursday.)

2.      Preside at the new officer's orientation. (This usually happens on Friday evening.)

3.      Preside at Board meetings and present proposed annual budget for Board's approval.

Post Midwinter

1.      Review Midwinter reports and follow up on committee meeting reports. Discuss areas of concern with the Executive Committee, officers and committee chairs.

2.      Write congratulatory letters to nominees for CALA offices and recipients of CALA grants and scholarships (in coordination with the Immediate Past President and Executive Director).

3.      Follow up on tasks and/or decisions arrived at from Midwinter meetings.

4.      Write the CALA Newsletter President's Column.


1.      Contact the Nominating Committee and Executive Director to ensure ballot preparation and mailing to CALA members.

2.      Remind everyone of such upcoming deadlines as awards, scholarships, elections, and so on.

3.      Work closely with the President-Elect to ensure a smooth transition. Remind the VP to call for volunteers to serve on committees, task forces, and other projects.


1.      Remind the VP to send the roster of new appointments to the Membership Committee Chair for inclusion in the new membership directory.

2.      Contact the Nominating Committee and newly elected officers for inclusion in the new membership directory as early as possible.


1.      Continue to monitor committees and liaisons. Watch for areas needing special support: the annual program, volunteers to staff the CALA booth at the ALA exhibits, Public Relations/Fundraising for financial pledges/support from vendors.

2.      Call a Board meeting electronically or via email if needed.

3.      Prepare for the Annual meeting in June.


Stay in contact with officers and chairs to make sure that all committees have finalized their conference plans and annual reports and have submitted them to the President, the Executive Director, and the Executive Committee.


1.      Prepare remarks and agendas for the orientation, membership and Board meetings.

2.      Distribute a preliminary Board meeting agenda and remind everyone of reports needed.

3.      Write the annual report.

4.      Prepare files for transfer to the President-Elect.

5.      Prepare CALA's entry in the ALA Handbook and send it to the Handbook Chair or appropriate person in charge.


1.      Speak at ALA's Spectrum Scholar Orientation/Career Fair or appoint a CALA speaker for this event.

2.      Represent CALA at such ALA functions as the caucus presidents' luncheons/dinners with the VP/President Elect.

3.      Preside at Board meetings, including the business portion of the Membership Committee meeting.

4.      Attend all CALA functions.

5.      Remind the Treasurer to remind everyone to submit receipts for reimbursements by July (our fiscal ending month).


1.      Write the CALA Newsletter President's Column.

2.      Write thank-you notes to exhibitors, officers, committee chairs and those who have helped you throughout the year.

3.      Transfer files to the President-Elect.

4.      Become Immediate Past President and chair the Nominating Committee.



Prepare overall reports at the Midwinter and Annual conferences. These will be submitted to CALA Newsletter editor for inclusion in the semi-annual publication.


Write the President's Column for each issue of the Newsletter.



1.      Procedures for meeting deadlines aforementioned: Refresh your memory of the CALA Handbook and CALA Constitution and By-Laws. Establish contact with the ALA Staff Liaison (Satia Orange) and call her when questions arise. Maintaining a close working relationship with the Executive Committee will be mutually beneficial. Be careful to conform to all ALA deadlines for conference planning. Start working on the CALA Newsletter President's columns several weeks before they are due.

2.      One suggestion: Jot down ideas as they come to you and collect them in a special folder. Drafting your column will then become a process of arranging these ideas in a logical sequence. Keep up with correspondence as it comes in. To insure accuracy and completeness, prepare a written record of each phone conversation as soon as possible.

3.      Budget: The President should present a proposed annual budget for approval at the Midwinter Board meeting.

4.      Helpful Hints: Saving email addresses and building group distribution lists (of officers, chairs, committees, and liaisons) in your electronic address book can be a time saver.