2008-2009 June - JLIS Editorial Board

DATE: 6/11/2009

Min Chou (Chairperson), Xue-Ming Bao, Nancy Hershoff, Manuel Urrizola, Mark Winston, Sha-Li Zhang (ex-officio), Mengxiong Liu (ex-officio), Hong Miao (ex-officio), and Mia Bassham (ex-officio)

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The chairperson would like to thank members of the CALA JLIS Editorial Board (hereinafter referred to as "the Editorial Board" for their contributions to the editorial work.  Busy with many other professional commitments, everyone has demonstrated great efforts to keep JLIS work moving forward - from soliciting manuscripts to recruiting referees, to manuscript review process.    The Editorial Board also focused on improving the process to make the editorial work more systematic and efficient in the future.  Highlighted below please find a list of activities and achievements for this year:

  1. Updated CALA JLIS website

Information on CALA website regarding JLIS has been updated.  A password authenticated site on CALA web has also been created for members of the Editorial Board to access internal documents and reports.

2. Vigorously promoted the Journal and solicited papers

    Call for papers were sent three times, in July 2008, December 2008, and May 2009 respectively.  As we continued to cover the regular base of readership which is CALA members and friends, we also reached out to colleagues in many national and international library organizations, such as IFLA, ACRL-NJ, VALE-NJ, ALA world AALL Asian caucus, APALA, other ALA ethnic caucuses, and more, to promote the Journal and to solicit submissions.  In less than one year, progressive achievements have been made in this area as evidenced by the steady flow of manuscript submissions and paper proposals. (Please note that only completed manuscripts will be considered for the review process.  So far, six proposals have been received, and the prospective authors were encouraged to submit their manuscripts upon completion.)

    3. Actively recruited reviewers

      Since the Journal is a peer reviewed publication, reviewers play a very important role in keeping the quality of manuscripts.  To date, we have recruited 17 reviewers for the Journal.  We will continue to expand the pool to have 25-30 reviewers.

      4. Thoroughly reviewed manuscripts

        Full considerations were given to all submitted papers.  Two papers were reviewed for the fall 2008 issue of the JLIS and one paper was published.  Eight papers were reviewed for the spring 2009 issue, and four papers were sent to National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) for publication.  Review process usually takes about two to four months. Many papers were reviewed twice. Reviewers have given professional opinions and constructive suggestions to authors for revisions.

        5. Worked cooperatively with NTNU for the TSSCI (Taiwan Social Science Citation Index) application process

          Supporting materials of the review process for English manuscripts were sent to the NTNU in March 2009 for the TSSCI application.  Thanks Zhijia Shen for providing supporting materials of manuscripts published in 2008.

          Future Recommendations:

          1. To promote the JLIS during the ALA conference in Chicago
          2. To add an editorial intern position to the Editorial Board to help with the work.  The intern could be a student or another CALA member who is new to the scholarly journal editorial review process. Tentative responsibilities of the intern include: a) help compile reviewers' notes, b) work with authors to prepare camera ready papers, and c) assist in other Editorial Board work as assigned.  The initial appointment will be for one-year (as a trial).  After one year, the Editorial Board will make recommendations to the CALA Board as to whether the position should be made permanent and the Guidelines and Procedures be amended. Future appointments, if the position is made permanent, will be made by CALA president based on the recommendation from the Editorial Board through the chairperson. 
          3. To review the editorial guidelines, editorial team structure and its work to see if any progress/improvement can be made.

          Action Items for the Board:

          1.      The CALA JLIS Editorial Board recommends that the immediate past chairperson of the CALA JLIS Editorial Board and the current executive director of CALA be added as non-voting ex-officio members to the Editorial Board,  and that the Guidelines and Procedures of the  JLIS English Editorial Board be amended to reflect that change.

          Background and rationale:  For smooth transition to the new Editorial Board and for ensuring the continuity of the journal's editorial work, it was suggested that the immediately past chairperson of the CALA JLIS Editorial Board and the current Executive Director to the current Editorial Board be added as ex officio.  CALA President Sha Li Zhang charged the Editorial Board to have a discussion on the suggested change and make a recommendation to the Board of Directors. The benefits of the additions also include timely and resourceful responses related to the history, practice and development of the journal in the past several years, particularly relating to communication issues with the Taiwan Editorial Board.

          2.      The CALA JLIS Editorial Board would also clarify the voting status of other ex-officio positions and would therefore recommend that the chairperson/co-chairpersons of the Publications Committee be non-voting ex-officio member(s) of the Editorial Board, the Editor of Book Reviews a voting ex-offico member of the Editorial Board, and also that the Guidelines and Procedures of the JLIS English Editorial Board be amended to reflect that clarification.


          Respectfully submitted,

          Min Chou
          On behalf of the CALA JLIS Editorial Board


          Appendix II of Collaboration Agreement between

          the Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) and

          the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU)

          on the sponsorship of  the publication of

          the Journal of Library and Information Science (JLIS)


          Guidelines and Procedures

          JLIS English Editorial Board

          June 2006

          Revised Dec. 19, 2006


          Journal of Library and Information Science (JLIS) English Editorial Board

          consists of five regular members including the chair. Membership of the board is recommended by the chair and formally appointed by CALA president. CALA president, chair of the publications committee, and the JLIS editor of book reviews are ex-officio of the Board.

          English Editor of JLIS


          English Editor of JLIS is appointed by the CALA president and approved by the CALA Board of Directors for a three-year term.  Official term starts immediately at the end of the ALA annual conference. A second consecutive term of three years may be appointed.  The English editor also serves as chair of the CALA JLIS Editorial Board, and on the JLIS Editorial Board.

          Reports to:  CALA Board of Directors and Editor of JLIS


          • English editor of JLIS is responsible for the solicitation, review, referee process, selection, and editing of all English articles for publication in the JLIS.
          • English editor is authorized to make decisions based on the referee comments and committee review about which English articles to publish and to notify the authors of the acceptance of their articles and in which issue their articles will be published.
          • English editor shall provide three or more quality English articles appropriate for publication for each issue of JLIS.
          • English Editor shall keep statistics and archives of the JLIS relating its publication of English articles and provide an annual report to the JLIS editorial board and CALA Board of Directors.
          • English Editor shall actively promote the journal and solicit quality articles for publication in the United States and throughout the world.
          • As chair of the JLIS CALA Editorial Board, the English Editor will lead the Board to accomplish these expectations.
          • English editor shall be responsible for communicating with the JLIS Chinese editor regarding all matters related to JLIS.

          JLIS English Article Review Process

          To provide for the two issues of JLIS scheduled to be published in April and October each year, the English article review process follows these timeline and procedures:

          • English Editor will send out a call for papers to CALA listserv and other appropriate venues in January and June every year.
          • Within two weeks of receipt of a manuscript, the English Editor will forward the manuscript to a board member according to the order of the board roster for review and notify the author of receipt of the manuscript.
          • The reviewing board member should send each article to two referees selected from the "list of JLIS referees" ("The list of JLIS referees" is developed and maintained by the English Editorial Board) according to their background of expertise.
          • A letter and referee questionnaire will be sent to the referees (please use the form letter and questionnaire).
          • The referees will be given 4 weeks to complete the review.
          • The reviewing board member will communicate his/her recommendations to the English Editor based on the referee comments within two weeks after the articles are returned from the referees.
          • The English Editor will notify the author of the decision about their article within two weeks after receiving the recommendations and copy the reviewing board member.
          • The reviewing board member will then work with the author whose article have been accepted to revise the article according to referee comments and submit the final version of the article in camera ready form to the English Editor at least one month before the expected publication date.
          • The reviewing board member will forward all review documents to the English Editor along with the camera ready article.
          • The English Editor will conduct the final proof-reading of the camera ready articles and send them along with review documents to the JLIS Chinese editor, who serves as the NTNU liaison of JLIS English Editorial Board, for publication and documentation.