2020 CALA Award List

Dear CALA Colleagues and Friends:

Evaluated and selected by respective CALA award and scholarship committees and approved by CALA Board, we are very pleased to announce that the following members are recipients of 2020 CALA Awards and Scholarships. Congratulations to all of them and a Big Thank You to all those award committees for their excellent and professional work! yesyes

a.           Distinguished Service Award: Guoying Liu
b.           Jing Liao Research Award: Li Sun “Journals removed from DOAJ appearing within SCImagos ranks: A study of excluded journals in Learned Publishing”
c.           Best Book Awards: One book entitled Exhalation (by Ted Chiang) is chosen for fiction/poem category; the other one Ghosts of Gold Mountain: The Epic Story of the Chinese Who Built the Transcontinental Railroad (by Gordon Chang) is voted for the award for non-fiction category.
d.           Scholarship Awards: Joanne Chern - Winner of the CALA Scholarship of Library and Information Science. This scholarship awards $1000. Richard Hoang – Winner of the Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship of Library & Information Science. This scholarship awards $500. Xijia Jessica Peng – Winner of the Lisa Zhao Scholarship. The Lisa Zhao Scholarship awards $500.

Also recommended by CALA EC and approved by CALA Board, the following CALA Committees and individuals received CALA President Award for their fantastic contributions and services during 2019-20. Their performances have been greatly appreciated during this critical and challenging times. Please join us to extend our congratulations to all of them!

a.           Public Relations/Fundraising Committee
b.           New Strategic Plan Preparing Committee
c.           Best Book Subcommittee
d.           Jing Liao Research Awards Subcommittee
e.           Assessment Committee
f.            Distinguished Services Award Subcommittee
g.           Scholarship Committee
h.           Annual Program Committee

Shu-hua Liu, Shuqin Jiao, Jia He, Jingshan Xiao, Lei Jin, Meng Qu, Anlin Yang, Vincci Kwong, Ying Liao, Ying Zhang, and Sai Deng.

A virtual award ceremony via Zoom will take place on the 30th of June, (Tuesday) at 2:00-3:00 p.m. Cetral Time. The Zoom meeting is also CALA’s all members meeting. The meeting invite will be sent out today. All CALA members are cordially invited to paricipate. We look frward to seeing you all there!

With warm regards,

CALA Executive Committee:

Fu Zhuo
Lian Ruan
Ying Zhang
Hong Yao
Ying Liao
Wenli Gao