Condolences ro CALA Member Clement Lau's Family!

Dear CALA Colleagues and Friends:

We are very saddened to share with you that one of our CALA’s veteran members, Clement Lau, an ex-Associate Dean of Georgia Southern University Libraries, passed away the day before yesterday in Washington DC due to cancer illness.

Clement was a hardworking Chinese American librarian and was an Associate Dean of Georgia Southern University Libraries. He loved his job and cared about CALA so much! We all remembered that he had made many valuable suggestions for the future CALA reforms. He had hoped to promote a fair and transparent CALA, in particular, he had suggested that the CALA should open its yearly expenses to the CALA members. We are so sad to lose a caring CALA member. Hope his family accept our heartfelt condolences for their loss of Clement Lau!

Clement will be greatly missed by all of us in CALA!

CALA Executive Committee:

Fu Zhuo
Lian Ruan
Ying Zhang
Hong Yao
Ying Liao
Wenli Gao