Publications Committee

Date: 26 May 2009

Member Roster:
Chairpersons: Hong Miao Mia Bassham
Members: Zhuo Wang, Yanjuan Zhu, Lorna Tang, Nancy Hershff, Shu Liu, Junlin Pan, Yunshan Ye,
Ex-officios: Min Chou, Judy Jeng, Priscilla Yu, Sai Deng, Elaine Dong, Songqian Lu

Is this an interim or annual report?: Intermin

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

To revise OPS Editorial Guidelines and Requirements
The Committee completed the revision of the existing OPS Editorial Guidelines and Requirements and submitted the revised draft to the Board for approval. The CALA Board approved the revised OPS Guidelines and Requirements at the ALA Midwinter conference. The new Guidelines were posted on the CALA Web site.

To recommend the appointments of the OPS editors to the Board
Editor-in-chief: After the OPS Editorial Guidelines were approved by the CALA Board at the ALA Midwinter conference, the committee conducted an online voting for the OPS Editor-in-chief from February 23 to March 6. We have two applicants for the position, Judy Jeng and Xueming Bao.

The total of our committee members is sixteen. 15 are eligible to vote for this position. 12 members sent in their votes. The result is Xueming Bao received 7 votes and Judy Jeng 5 votes. The Committee recommended Bao Xueming as the next OPS Editor-in-Chief starting July 2009.

Editors: The Committee conducted the online voting for the OPS editors from March 16 to April 6. Ten committee members have casted their votes. In order to reach staggered terms, the committee considered tweaking the Editorial Guidelines once to achieve our goal. With the consent from the Board we have decided to elect some of the new editors for a two-year term for this time only, and all future appointments will be made for a three-year term. As result of the voting, the Committee recommended for the OPS Editorial Board Lois Mai Chan, Manuel Urrizola, and Ingrid Hsich-Yee for a 3-year term (2009-2012), and recommend Xiaoli Fang and Chihfen P. Lin for a 2-year term (2009-2011).

The CALA Board approved the Committee's recommendations of the OPS Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board members. Announcements of the appointments of these positions were made to the CALA listserv.

The OPS Editorial Board has accepted one paper for publication. Two other papers are currently being revised and reviewed. The Third issue of the OPS was published in June 2009.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:
The Publications Committee (2009-2010) should work closely with the OPS Editor-in-Chief on the recommendation of one OPS editor when the term of David Hickey ends in June 2010; continue the project, "Spotlight on CALA Members"; review the new CALA Web site and make recommendations for improvements to the Web Committee.