Membership Committee

Date: June 15, 2009


o          Elaine
Dong (Co-Chair)

o          Songqian
Lu (Co-Chair)

o          Heather
Huibin Cai

o          Suhua Fan

o          Rober W.

o          Jie Huang

o          Denise

o          Min Tong

o          Hong Wang

o          Lulu Zhuo

o          Linda Wen

o          Zhixian

o          Bin Zhang

Is this an
interim or annual report?:
Annual report

List significant
activities the committee has done since last report:

1. To retain and reach out to CALA members, we sent out a
membership renewal-reminding message to all CALA members via CALA Listserv in
Feb. 2009, on top of the renewal-reminding messages and about 700 letters sent
in 2008. Also with the help of ShaLi Zhang, we sent out over 110 reminding
letters in March 2009 to gain more eligible voting members before the CALA
annual election. We also keep sending welcome letters with magnetic calendars
to new members. The outcome of our outreach efforts is significant: during the
past year (July 2008-June 2009), there are 82 new members joined CALA, 142
member renewals, and 11 new life members. The totals of current and life
members reach 428 (this number may differ from or not consistent with the
previous report since 68 inactive members were listed as the "current" members
in the database before. We have made the adjustment from the membership
database before this report).

2. Worked closely with the CALA Election Ad hoc
Committees in March & April 2009 on updating and sending the contact
information of eligible voting members; also provided assistance with requests
of member information from CALA members, units, and chapters.

3. Created new CALA Membership Committee Manual (old one
is outdated for many years) and sample documents which would greatly help the
operation of successive committee. The titles of nine sample documents are
listed below:

1)Welcome letter to New Members

2)Listserv Announcement for new members

3)Acknowledge Email for received checks

4)Renew Reminder email in November on CALA listserv
5)Renew Reminder email in late February on CALA listserv 6)Renewal reminder
letter in Mid-December to active members 7)Ask-back letter in Mid-December to
inactive members who did not renew their membership 8)Renew Reminder letter in
late March to active members who haven't renewed their membership 9)Thanks
Letter to CALA sponsors

4. CALA Listserv Guideline Task

The task was assigned by the CALA president in late April
2009. The purpose of this assignment is to review current practices of the CALA
listserv and make recommendations on the issues to be addressed.  The task is taken jointly by the members of
the Membership Committee, the Web Committee, and the Membership Management
System Taskforce.  The taskforce reviewed
original CALA listserv policy created in 1995, as well as the listserv policies
of other associations such as ALA listserv. We also compared the "pros" and the
"cons" between an "Open list" and a "Closed list". As a result, we would like
to recommend to the CALA Board that the CALA Listserv should be an "Open
list" (open to everyone) rather than a "Closed list" (Only open to
CALA members). Keeping CALA Listserv as an "Open list" could help CALA:

  • Collaborate with other ethnic
    caucuses on issues of common interest Attract those who are interested in
    what CALA is doing so they may join CALA someday Promote CALA to the public
    Provide a space where CALA as well as other subscribers can discuss issues or
    ask for input or advice Provide job information for those who need it Make
    CALA "reachable" to others

In addition, the new membership management system the
Membership Management System Taskforce is working on currently will provide
ways to communicate with members directly and easily. This can be a new
mechanism to use on improving the internal communications among the members.

5. 2009 CALA Membership Print Directory project - In

The committee simplified the content and format of CALA
Membership Print Directory. Not only it protects privacy of our members, but
also significantly reduces pages (cut the pages from 177 to 105), hence saves
printing and distributing cost largely.

We are in the process of creating PDF file, negotiating
printer, and collecting the advertisements from the vendors. 470 Print
Directories are planned to be distributed to CALA active members in July 2009,
if we can receive the 2009-2010 officer and committee roster on time.

6. New Membership Management System Task - in Progress
The task force mainly consists of the members from the Membership Committee and
Web Committee, including Co-chairs of both committees. We also invited the
previous CALA officer who is familiar with the current membership database to
the task force. Its goal is to research/investigate and implement a
full-featured membership management system to manage the online CALA Membership

The new system is planned to be implemented in Sep. 2009.
Currently, the task force is doing the data cleanup and has carried out the
first three steps out of four:

1) Research the need (identify the data elements that
need to be  tracked): completed

2) Modify the data structure (i.e. fields) to accommodate
the need: completed

3) Identify and configure a membership management system
(CiviCRM system): installed

4) Implement the system: in process

For details, please refer to the Membership Management
System Taskforce Annual Report.

List committee
recommendations, if any, to the Board:

1. Committee members suggest that electronic version of
the CALA Membership Print Directory be put on the CALA website for the purpose
of easier access by CALA members.

2. The original CALA Listserv was designed to be an "Open
list". The committee commends that CALA Listserv should stay as an "Open
list" (open to everyone) rather than a "Closed list" (Only open to
CALA members).

Submitted by

Elaine Dong & Songqian Lu

Co-Chair s of CALA Membership Committee (2008-2009)