September 3, 1999
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CALA Announces the Fourth Annual
C. C. Seetoo/CALA Conference Travel Scholarship

The Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) announces the offering of the C. C. Seetoo/CALA Conference Travel Scholarship. As a joint effort between Mr. Seetoo and CALA, an award in the amount of US$500 will be given to a student to attend the annual ALA Conference and CALA program. The Scholarship is designed to provide the award recipient mentoring and networking opportunities at the ALA conference. Students of Chinese heritage who are currently enrolled in ALA-accredited master's programs or in doctoral programs in Library and Information Science in degree-granting institutions in North America are encouraged to apply. The 1999 application deadline is February 1, 2000. The winner of the award will be announced by April 15, 2000. The award will be presented at the ALA annual conference in Chicago.

Founded in 1973, the Chinese American Librarians Association is affiliated with the American Library Association, and has six regional chapters. In addition to holding annual programs, CALA publishes its own Newsletter, Membership Directory and the Journal of Library and Information Science in cooperation with the National Taiwan Normal University.

Born in Shanghai in 1916, Mr. C. C. Seetoo graduated from Shanghai University in 1939 and moved to Taiwan in 1946. Through his entrepreneurial success in the export business, he has traveled all over the world, making many friends and valuable contacts along the way. He recognizes and values the benefits of networking for people striving to become successful professionals, and wishes to provide such an opportunity to students by co-sponsoring this Travel Award.

For application and more information about the Scholarship, please consult CALA's homepage at http://www.ca.a-web.org, or contact Nancy Sun Hershoff, Chair of the CALA Scholarship Committee at


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