Call for Nomination for CALA 2020 General Election

Dear CALA Members:

 The CALA 2019/2020 Nominating Committee invites you to submit nominations for the following positions for the 2020 CALA general election:

  • Incoming Vice President/President-Elect one position (four-year commitment: first year 2020/21 as the Incoming VP; second year 21/21 as the VP; third year 22/23 as the President; and fourth year 23/24 as the Immediate Past President;).
  • Treasurer one position (two-year commitment: 2020/21, and 21/22;)
  • Board of Directors five positions (three-year commitment: 2020/21, 21/22, 22/23;).

These positions are critical to CALA’s continual growth. Position descriptions can be found in the CALA’s Constitution and Bylaws. Nomination of Board of Directors shall take into consideration the geographical representation. All nominees must be personal members in good standing at the time of nomination and with a record of participation in the activities and functions at various levels of CALA. Absence from two consecutive board meetings without prior written approval from the President will result in the removal from the CALA Board.

The Nominating Committee will review all nominations to prepare a list of qualified nominees according to the procedures stipulated in CALA Bylaws. A slate of candidates will be presented to the CALA Board of Directors for approval. The individuals on the approved slate will stand for the CALA election in Spring 2020.
Please use the online Nomination Form (, or the attached PDF file. Be sure to get the consent from the nominee. All nominees shall provide their biographic info and professional statement. Nominations must be received by Dec 2, 2019 (11:59 pm EST) to qualify.


CALA 19/20 Nominating Committee

CALA President 18/19: Ying Zhang (Chair),

NCA: Ray Pun

SCA: Jie Tian,

GMA: Yunshan Ye

MW: Mingyan Li,

NE: Hong Yao,

SE: Peng Mu,

SW: Xiping Liu, xliu54@Central.UH.EDU

Canada: Grace Liu