CALA Board Special Online Meeting IV 2008-2009


Special Meeting on CALA Travel Grant Guidelines.

The special online meeting for the CALA Board of Directors,
was conducted from Feb. 11-25, 2009. Sha Li Zhang, president of CALA, presided
over the meeting and provided the context for the issue at hand:

"I am now calling a special online meeting to discuss and vote for the CALA
Travel Grant Guidelines developed by the CALA Travel Grant Guidelines Taskforce
chaired by Mengxiong Liu. The duration of this special online meeting is from
February 11 through 25, 2009.  The urgency for this online meeting is that
the Task Force needs to take actions if we want to start offering grants,
particularly for ALA Annual Conference in Chicago
in July 2009.

At the ALA Annual Conference in Anaheim
in June 2008, the CALA Board of Directors voted unanimously for the
recommendation from the CALA Finance Committee to establish the CALA Travel
Grants. I appointed the taskforce in fall 2008 to develop the guidelines so
that we could implement this action item.

At the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Denver
in January 2009, Mengxiong presented the guidelines.  The Board suggested
several revisions. Given the current economic climate, the Board's discussion
was around whether we would have the fund to give out four grants each year or
the same person could apply every year. An amendment was made to refer the
guidelines back to the taskforce  to incorporate wording such as "subject
to the availability of funds," and to further discuss the frequency by which an
applicant can apply to the funding.

Now you have the revised documents.  Please review the guidelines and
application forms and offer comments.  Then I will call for a motion on
the documents. "

Both the guidelines and the application form were attached
in the email that Sha Li sent out.  Several
board members commented on the revised guidelines and expressed appreciation to
Mengxiong and her committee for the quick action and sufficiently addressing
the two issues raised at the Board meeting in Denver.

After some discussions, revisions were recommended and made
by Min Chou and Dajin Sun. Because the deadline was approaching, Sha Li
suggested that the meeting be extended to Friday Feb. 27th. It was
agreed. Further discussion was held.

Sha Li called for a motion at 12:08 pm Feb. 26, 2009. Amy
Tsiang moved the Board approve the amended CALA Travel Grant Guidelines developed by the
CALA Travel Grant Guidelines Taskforce and amended by the board at 12:15 pm
(EST) Feb. 26, 2009, seconded by Shuyong Jiang at 12:21 pm Feb. 26,

Voting was conducted at 12:25 pm Feb. 26, 2009 and here is
the result declared by Sha Li:

Many thanks for your active participation in the special online meeting from
February 11 through 27, 2009.  The amended
CALA Conference Travel grant Guidelines was moved by Amy Tsiang and was
seconded by Shuyong Jiang and Bin Zhang. The amended guidelines were approved
by a majority of the board members through online votes.  Therefore, the
motion carries and the special online meeting adjourns.

The meeting adjourned at 5:20 pm on Feb. 27, 2009. Sha Li thanked all board
members for their participation in this process.

Respectfully submitted

Haipeng Li

CALA Interim Executive Director

February 27, 2009