CALA Board (2008-2009) Meeting II


2008/2009 CALA Board Meeting II

Midwinter at Denver

24, 2009 (Saturday), 07:00 - 09:00 pm

Location: Sheraton
Denver- Columbine



Board of Directors Present: Sha Li Zhang, Haipeng Li, Haiwang Yuan, Shuyong Jiang,
Zhijia Shen, Xudong Jin, Nancy Hershoff, Amy Tsiang, Jiun Kuo, Hong Xu, Liana
Zhou, Dora Ho, Esther Lee, Mon Chou, Karen Wei, Qi Chen.

: Bin Zhang, Grace Gu, Vincci Kwong, Yongyi Song, Dajin Sun,
Jen-chien, Yu, Hanrong Wang, Jing Zhong, Yi Liang.

Satia Orange, Ken Yamashita, Mario Gonzales, Kent Oliver, Roberta Stevens,
Patty Wong, Li Sun, Judy Jeng, Tim Zou, Denise Kwan, Hwa-wei Lee, Mongxiong
Liu, Lisa Zhao, Sai Deng, Jingfeng Xia, Irene Ke.

and Self Introduction

Sha Li Zhang, CALA President, called the meeting to
order at 7:05 p.m. She asked everyone present to go around and introduced
him/herself. Since we had quite a few guests from ALA, Sha Li asked them to speak first before
we would go into the business of CALA, which we did.

Orange, ALA Staff Liaison to the ethnic caucuses, spoke first.
Satia indicated that the community around her office, the Office of Literary
& Outreach Services (OLOS), has grown a lot in recent years, thanks to the
hard work of all. She has the opportunity to be on out listservs and observes
what's happening there. She also talked about the JCLC 2012 conference and
encouraged the CALA Board members to talk to our members and encouraged them to
participate. She indicated that the first JCLC conference was successful but
member participant from caucuses was low, which was a disappointment. Caucuses
ought to think of ways to get their members involved, via scholarships, travel
grants,  etc. We really need to reach out
to our own members within our communities. Satia also talked about the
importance of all caucuses working together on the same issues, share
information, learn from each other. We should really "walk the talk."  If we have any questions, we should feel free
to contact her or her office. Satia thanks the CALA Board for the opportunity
to speak to us.

Mario Gonzales, ALA Exe. Board Liaison to CALA, also spoke.
He indicated that his role was to bring information from ALA Exe. Board to CALA
and bring back information from CALA. He first made the announcement of the ALA
National Library Week, which is April 14, 2009, and encouraged all to participate
and celebrate. He reported that ALA
is working on an IMLS grant proposal on offering certifications to library
support staff.

Mario also talked about ALA's role in this economy, which is taking
the leadership to help libraries with resources and information on surviving
this economic crisis, coming up with guidelines, key points and procedures to
share with the public. Given the bad economy, ALA's endowment is shrinking about 25%,
which means there will be less money for scholarships and awards. The ALA website has
transitioned well to the new site. All are encouraged to send in questions if
experiencing problems. ALA
will conduct a membership survey this spring from Feb. 23-Marh 13, 2009.
Members will have the opportunity to share their perceptions on the importance
and the performance of ALA's
major programs and events.  Please watch
for it. Mario also talked about the lead controversy and ALA will take the lead to talk to the
government to make sure that this process will not disrupt libraries and
services to the public.

Patty Wong, Co-Chair for President-Elect Camila
Alire's initiative on "Libraries: the Heart of All Communities," also spoke.
She shared with us Camila's initiative which included all communities and how ALA can help with the
local libraries. She asked the caucuses to get involved in supporting this
initiative.  Patty passed out a flyer on
the initiative which included a survey from Camila on organizational/chapter
activities related to advocacy and literacy.

Both ALA 2009 presidential candidates came to our
meeting and shared with us briefly on their visions and ideas for their
presidency if elected. Both shared their background information with us.
Roberta emphasized that CALA members could serve as "role models" for other
librarians while Kent
stressed the need for diversifying the leadership.

of Agenda

Agenda was presented for discussion and approval.
Several amendments were made to include correcting the numbering of board
meetings in 2007 and 2008, moving the nominating report early in the meeting
(as Dora needed to leave early), adding the Newsletter Report as item P under
Committee Reports. The amendments were made and the question was called. Min
made the motion to approve the agenda which was seconded by Nancy. Voting was conducted and the motion passed.


of Minutes

2007/2008 2nd Board Meeting Notes (January 12, 2008, Philadelphia; no official meeting minutes
were submitted for this meeting)

In the absence of official
meeting minutes, the Board approved that Dora's meeting notes be adopted as
official meeting record for the Board meeting which took place on January
12, 2008 in Philadelphia. Nancy made the motion and
Haiwang seconded. Approval was unanimous.

2. 2007/2008 3rd Board Meeting Minutes (June 28, 2008,

No amendments were made.
Zhijia moved to approve and Nancy
seconded. Approval was unanimous.

3. 2008/2009 1st Board Meeting Minutes (June 30, 2008,

No amendments were made. Dora
moved to approve, and Nancy
seconded. Approval was unanimous.

4. 2008-2009 Board Special Online Meeting Minutes

No amendments were made. Nancy moved to approve,
and Haiwang seconded.The motion passed. (note: Dora did not vote for it.)


: Sha Li indicated that the report had been posted on
the CALA website so please read. This year, CALA is very active on many fronts,
including the IMLS grant, JCLC 2012, earthquake relief efforts, membership
drive, emerging leaders, and travel grants. She thanked all board members,
committee chairs, and CALA membership for the hard work and we are very excited
about the upcoming events.


Director Report
: Haipeng echoed what Sha Li said but stressed that
this year, under Sha Li's outstanding leadership, CALA had been advancing in
large strides in many areas both internationally and nationally. He reassured
everyone that CALA is in good hands and we are very excited about what's going
on with this organization.



Nominating Committee:  Dora
reported on the committee's work and described the process of selecting
candidates for this year. She then presented the slate of candidates to the
Board for approval. Nancy
moved that the Board approve the slate and Amy seconded. Dora also suggested
that a CALA election  task force be
appointed by the president soon to start working on the election (Haipeng
should not be on it as he is a candidate).

Awards Committee: Cathy Yang, chair
of the committee was not present so Sha Li described the background of the
guidelines. Up till this point CALA did not have any guidelines for theCALA
President's Recognition Award. The committee came up with a set of guidelines
for the future. The motion comes from the committee that the Board approve the
guidelines, and was seconded by Min. Voting was conducted and the motion

English Editorial Board
: Min clarified the process of appointing members in
staggered terms for the Editorial Board. The Board then approved the reappointment of Dr. Mark
Winston as a member of the CALA JLIS Editorial Board for a three-year term
starting from July 2009. The motion was made by Nancy and seconded by Xudong.  Approval was

Membership Committee:  Board discussion was around what the need was
to approve the recommendations fro the Membership Committee, particularly on
the issue of privacy.  The Board then
approved the following:

1. Reduce the lines of entries on the CALA Membership

Moved by Nancy,
and seconded by Esther

2. Required fields for the membership database

Moved by Esther and seconded
by Nancy

3.  (this one does not need the board
approval.  It was decided that the
President would do appointments.)

The Board authorizes the Membership Committee to
work with the Web Committee on this. Nancy
wanted to convey our appreciation to the Membership Committee for the hard work
and dedication. The Board approved the appreciation.

Publications Committee:

1. Approve the proposed revisions to CALA OPS
Editorial Statement (from 2007-2008). Min
explained that this agenda item was left over from the last Board meeting and
did not get voted on so now it was brought back again for the Board's approval.
Xudong moved to approve and seconded by Haiwang. Approval was unanimous.

2. Approve proposed revisions to CALA OPS Editorial Guidelines. Haipeng explained
that this item was submitted past the deadline so many may not have had the
opportunity to read the report, but it was added to the agenda (which was distributed).
Min described the process of the discussion on the OPS editorial guidelines.
Haiwang moved to approval it, seconded by Shuyong. Approval was unanimous.

Haipeng noted that we passed 9:00 pm and moved to
extend the meeting to 9:25 pm. which was seconded by Esther. Approval was unanimous.

Web Committee:  Approve switching to a new
web/listserv hosting plan, before the current plan expires on 29 April, 2009.
After some discussions, the motion was amended to: the Board authorized the Web
Committee to explore the possibility of and draft a plan for switching to a new
web/listserv hosting plan, before the current plan expires on April 29,
2009.  Nancy moved to approve the motion, seconded
by Shuyong. The motion carried.


Hoc Committees, Taskforces, Representatives and Others

CALA 21st Century Librarian
Seminar Project Taskforce:
Haipeng described the work ahead
in relation to the UIUC-CALA IMLS grant for this committee and as the Board to:

Authorize the CALA 21st Century Librarian Seminar
Project Taskforce and the CALA International Relations Committee to assume
responsibilities to support the IMLS grant project. A suggestion was made to add
as specified at the end of the motion as an amendment. So the motion
reads:  the Board authorizes the CALA
21st Century Librarian Seminar Project Taskforce and the International
Relations Committee to assume responsibilities to support the IMLS grant
project as specified. Haiwang moved and Nancy
seconded. Motion carried.
Taskforce on Rebuilding Libraries in 512 Earthquake Areas in China

the recommendation of saving the balance of the funds in the amount of
$10,700.00 (as of Dec. 31, 2008) with the highest interest CD in CALA's
Earthquake Funds Account.  An amendment was made to refer back to the Task
Force to seek the options, such as CDs, savings, money market accounts or any
other accounts with the highest interest to yield. Zhijia moved to approve the
amendment, seconded by Nancy.
The motion passed.

Taskforce on the CALA Travel
Grant Guidelines
: Approve CALA Travel Grant Guidelines. Mengxiong as chair
of the taskforce, introduced the guidelines to the Board. Given the economic
climate currently, the discussion was around whether we would have the fund to
give out 4 scholarships each year or the same person could apply every year. An
amendment was made to refer back to the committee to incorporate wording such
as "subject to the availability of funds," and to further discuss the frequency
by which an applicant can apply to the funding. Nancy moved the amendment, seconded by

Haipeng reported that we had successfully
carried out the agenda items for tonight. Shuyong moved to adjourn the meeting,
seconded by Haiwang. The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 pm.


Submitted by Haipeng Li