Southern California Chapter Report

Summer program. The 2008 ALA Annual Conference was held in Southern California. Members and Board officers of the SCA chapter worked diligently in welcoming CALA representatives from all over the country. To show our hospitality, the SCA chapter sponsored a van tour to the Huntington Library and Botanic Gardens on June 30th for CALA members attending the ALA conference. The Huntington, founded in 1919 and opened to the public in 1928, is set amidst 120 acres of breathtaking gardens. Three art galleries and a library showcase magnificent collections of paintings, sculptures, rare books, manuscripts, and decorative arts. Highlights of the collection include the Ellesmere manuscript of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales (c.1410), a Gutenberg Bible (c.1455), Thomas Gainsborough's masterpiece The Blue Boy (c. 1770), Sir Thomas Lawrence's Pinkie (1794), and Rogier van der Weyden's Madonna and Child (15th century). The ground features the serenely beautiful Shakespeare garden, Japanese garden, desert garden, the newly-opened Chinese Garden, and much more. The botanical collection features over 14,000 different species of plants, and June was one of the prettiest months at the Huntington with all flowers blooming. Sally Tseng, Ying Xu, and Maggie Wang coordinated this one-day event. Ying Xu conducted the tour of the Huntington for the group. Sally Tseng provided personal transportation for those who booked late and wasn’t able to get a seat in the van. The group spent a lovely day enjoying the cultural treasures of the Huntington and dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the evening. CALA members who attended this event were very appreciative and many wrote to thank the SCA chapter. One of the notes reads: "I felt fortunate and was very happy to know you through the Huntington Library tour. I was very impressed by your thoughtful consideration and attentiveness. The library, the scenery, the tasty Chinese food, and especially your generosity gave me a profound memory which will last for a long, long time."

CALA Awards Banquet at ALA. Wenwen Zhang and Manual Urizola served as MCs of the CALA Awards Banquet on June 31st. Both of them are known in Southern California for their successful experience hosting fund-raising events. They worked very hard preparing for this special, once-a-year evening of CALA. Wenwen Zhang donated many lovely gift items to the banquet as door prizes. She also brought her personal Karaoke system to the Banquet so that CALA members could perform and sing during the evening. Other SCA members and Board officers also assisted and made their contributions: Maggie Wang, Yongyi Song, Kuei Chiu, and Jiaxun Wu provided transportation services for CALA members attending the CALA Program and the Chinese Banquet. Helen Tsai, Ling-ling Kuo, Zhuo Wang, Candice Mack served on the Local Arrangement Committee that organized the banquet. We thank them all for their contribution.

Membership drive. SCA is successful in its membership drive this year, especially in recruiting life-members. As the newly-issued CALA 2007/2008 Membership Directory indicates, six people from SCA chapter became life members during May 2007-July 2008, which marks the highest of all chapters. The new life members are: Kuei Chiu, Librarian, University of California Riverside; Manual Urrizola, Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services, University of California Riverside; Cesar Caballero, Dean of Libraries, California State University San Bernardino; Ying Xu, Librarian, California State University Los Angeles; Maggie Wang and Darren Braden, both are Librarians from Monterey Park City Library. Board meeting. SCA Board held a meeting in July at Yongyi Song's new house and discussed the following businesses: 1) plan to have an election for a new VP/President-elected in Spring of 2009; 2) plan for a panel program and the Chinese Banquet during the 111th Annual Conference of California Library Association in Pasadena in November, 2009, and 3) plan for continuously recruiting new members in the new year.

Professional development. Some SCA members had noteworthy professional development activities: Yongyi Song published his new book in French (translated from his Chinese book), Les Massacres de la Revolution Culturelle, by Buchet Chastel Press in Paris. He was also invited by the French Academy of Science to give a public lecture during his trip to Paris to promote his book. Margaret Tarbox and Maggie Wang presented their paper "A Bridge over Troubled Water" at the 2008 Shanghai International Library Forum. Ying Liu's painting, "Marina", was selected for special recognition at the "Natural Beauty Show" organized by California Art Club, in Pasadena, CA, from June 23-November 26. Her other painting, "Over the Canal", was selected to exhibit by the 2008 Oil Painters of America Western Regional Juried Exhibition of Traditional Oils in Idaho, from September 12 through October 11.