CALA Code of Conduct and Guide of Communication

Approved April 3, 2018, by the Board of Directors

The best practice and success of Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA) relies on the guidance of law, and on the professionalism of all members. CALA Board of Directors, officers, and members deserve to work in a positive and healthy environment where each of us is treated equally with dignity.  

The purpose of this document is to guide the behavior and professional practices of all members of the organization, to encourage healthy and positive communications among the members and between the members and officers.

  • CALA members should strive to maintain a civil atmosphere at all times when interacting with each other and in all communications. All types of communication must refrain from shouting, yelling, using abusive languages at other CALA members or officers.
  • CALA members should show respect to every other person in the organization. Courtesy, tact and consideration should lead  each member’s communication and interaction with members both in person and online including emails.
  • CALA, as an organization forbids any personal attack and defamation of any CALA members including CALA Officers. Discussions of issues should always be carried out in a respectful, courteous and professional manner.
  • Different opinions should be handled privately and discreetly. Communicate directly with the person or persons involved to resolve differences if necessary. Abusive language, language of harassment, false accusation, defamatory language or destructive criticism of any type to members or officers are not permitted.  

If a violation of any kind of  behaviors mentioned above is reported, the Executive Committee (EC) of the Board of Directors shall investigate. If it is found true, the EC will demand a formal apology in writing from that individual or individuals. If needed, the Board of Directors shall take necessary disciplinary actions to resolve the issue(s). The actions shall include warning, suspension of the person from CALA listseve or dismissal the individual or individuals from CALA committees.