Organizational Manuals Taskforce

Date: 8 Jan. 2009

Member Roster:
Susan Xue, Head, Information and Public Services, UC Berkeley
Junlin Pan, Reference Librarian,  Northern Illinois University
Ted Gemberling, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Hong Wang, Social Sciences Librarian, California State University, Sacramento
Win Shih, Head of Library Systems, University at Albany, SUNY
Shuhua Liu, Librarian, San Jose Public/University Library

Is this an interim or annual report?: Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:

  1. The Organization Manuals Taskforce was officially formed on December 16, 2008, when Shali Zhang e-mailed Susan Xue the charges of the taskforce and the list of members.
  2. The two co-chairs communicated after receiving charges, discussed how to proceed with the tasks.
  3. Susan Xue distributed the taskforce charges and tasks on December 18, 2008 to all members, seeking input and suggestions to a work plan.
  4. Based on suggestions from members, Susan Xue drafted a work plan and forwarded it to all members for comments on January 6, 2009.
  5. Members agreed to the work plan in principle.

Work Plan:
The six members of the taskforce are divided into three subgroups. Sub-group members and assignments:  

Group 1: Susan Xue, Win Shih

  1. Work out a template OR required headings/wording for each officer, such as Charge, Terms of Office etc, the template or requirements will be used by all groups so that we will all have consistent documents.
  2. Review up to 5 documents and then send them to Group 3 for final proof-reading.
  3. At this stage, review CALA President, and CALA VP

Group 2: Shuhua Liu, Hong Wang

  1. Review up to 5 documents and then send them to Group 3 for final proof-reading.
  2. At this stage, review CALA Second VP, and CALA Treasurer

Group 3: Junlin Pan, Ted Gemberlin

  1. Finalize all documents reviewed by other two groups
  2. Send finalized documents to Vincci Kwong, email:, CALA Web Master, for posting on CALA website.

Timeline: Develop a template OR headings for manuals latest by the end of January. Complete all the tasks in May, before the summer session.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board:
None at this point.