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CALA Scholarships

(Revised October 20, 2007)

    1. Applicants should be currently enrolled in ALA-accredited master's programs or in doctoral programs in Library and Information Science in degree-granting institutions in North America. The recipient must be enrolled as a full-time student at the time the Scholarship is awarded.
    2. Applicants must be of Chinese nationality or of Chinese descent.

    1. The followings should be submitted to the Chair of the CALA Scholarship
      Committee via email:
      1. Completed application form
      2. Current Curriculum Vitae
        Please attach a 1-2 page CV with the following information:
        • Education: List all post-secondary institutions from which credits have been earned. Include name, location, dates attended, major & minor fields, and degree & date received.
        • Work Experience: Teaching, research, professional,
          business, military, internship, etc. Include name of
          employer, dates of employment and a brief job description.
        • Community/Civic/Volunteer Experience: Include name
          of organization, duration and description of work.
        • Membership/Publications: Include memberships in honor
          societies, professional organizations, scholarships, prizes,
          and publications.
        • Skills: Language, computer, etc.
      3. Personal statement
        Please provide on a separate page a 300-500 word statement about your past experiences, your career interests and goals, and your commitment to information service. Indicate what unique abilities you can offer to LIS, particularly those that indicate your potential leadership. If you are applying for the Conference Travel Scholarship, please describe what you will be doing at the conference and how you expect to benefit from the experience.
      4. Verification of current enrollment in an ALA-accredited graduate LIS program as a full-time student should be sent to Chair of the Scholarship Committee either by email ( or in print to:
        Lijun Xue, Chair of the CALA Scholarship Com.
        Reference/Catalog Librarian
        Madonna University Library
        Livonia, MI 48150
      5. An official transcript from the current or most recent degree program should be sent to Chair of the Scholarship Committee either by email ( or in print to:
        Lijun Xue, Chair of CALA Scholarship Com.
        Reference/Catalog Librarian
        Madonna University Library
        Livonia, MI 48150
      6. Three letters of reference on forms provided by the Committee. These may be sent directly to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee no later than March 15, 2008. The reference form includes the email address of the Chair of the Scholarship Committee ( References should be persons who are well acquainted with your educational background, intellectual and professional abilities, and personal character. Include, if possible, at least one person from an institution other than the one where you are currently located. Please exclude your own family members. Use the Reference Form on the CALA website and provide a copy to each of your three references. Applications will not be considered unless all three recommendations are received.
    2. Application materials will not be returned to applicants.

    Successful applicant(s) will be notified by the Scholarship Committee prior to the ALA Annual Conference; others will be notified of the results by the Committee.

  4. FUND
    CALA Scholarship ($1,000)
    C.C. Seetoo/CALA Conference Travel Scholarship ($500)
    Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship of Library and Information Science ($500)
    Huang Tso-ping and Wu Yao-yu Scholarship ($200)

    The recipient must use the scholarship for tuition and other authorized educational expenses, all of which must be incurred only for the purposes of attending library school. In case the terms of the scholarship are violated, the scholarship will be rescinded and the recipient is required to return the funds in full amount to the Association.

Please return all your application materials via email to, Lijun Xue, Chair of the CALA Scholarship Committee. All the application materials listed in Section II must be received no later than 12 midnight Pacific Time March 15, 2008.

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