Scholarship Committee

Date: 8 Jan. 2009

Names of the committee members:
Ying Xu(Chair)
Dajin Sun
Vincci Kwong   
Irene Ke        
Joy-yi Wang
Jian Anna Xiong
Lingling Kuo

List significant activities committee has done since last report:
Committee members have updated and revised scholarships guidelines and other documents and drafted announcements/news release. The revised documents and announcement were posted on CALA website by Vincci Kwong, CALA Webmaster.

Announcement and news release have been sent to all the ALA accredited library school in U.S.A. and Canada. It was also sent to CALA members via the CALA listserv.

The Committee also worked with CALA President and updated the Scholarship Committee operational procedures/guidelines. A major change is the committee’s working with the Mentoring Committee to pair the recipients/winners with experienced CALA members in order to insure that they understand all the requirements. The revised procedures/guidelines will be posted by CALA President on CALA website.

--submitted by Ying Xu