Report-2009-interim_Publications Committee

DATE: 12 Jan. 2009

Chairpersons: Hong Miao Mia Bassham
Members: Zhuo Wang, Yanjuan Zhu, Lorna Tang, Nancy Hershff, Shu Liu, Junlin Pan, Yunshan Ye,
Ex-officios: Min Chou, Judy Jeng, Priscilla Yu, Sai Deng, Elaine Dong, Songqian Lu

IS THIS AN Interim or annual REPORT? Interim


To recommend the appointments of the OPS editors to the Board
The terms for the current OPS Editor-in-Chief and four members of the OPS Editorial Board will end in June 2009. As per Executive Committee of the Board, the committee issued a call for the CALA OPS editor and the editorial board members. The effort has been made to reach out to qualified members to become OPS editor-in-chief and Editorial Board members.
"The CALA Publications Committee Tasks, 2008-2009" from the Executive Board has indicated that the terms of appointments for the OPS Editorial Board members should be staggered so that the majority of the Board members will not end their terms together. The committee has realized that it is necessary to revise the Editorial Guidelines before we process the recommendations and applications for the OPS editors. After we consulted the CALA Executive Board we decided that the committee revise the OPS Editorial Guidelines prior to making recommendations for the OPS editors to the CALA Executive Board.

To revise OPS Editorial Guidelines and Requirements
The committee is currently working to revise the existing OPS Editorial Guidelines and requirements to ensure continuation and smooth transition of the OPS and to establish a more open process for recruiting editors. This task is in process. A revised draft will be submitted to the Board before the Mid-Winter 2009.

Second issue of CALA Occasional Paper Series (OPS) published
The committee would like to acknowledge the contributions to the publication by Judy Jeng, the current OPS editor-in-chief. The second issue of the OPS was published in November 2008. This publication will continue to offer CALA members an opportunity to publish a variety of research productions of both scholarly and practical significance.

The OPS Call for Papers
The OPS Editor issued a call for paper submissions in December 2008.

Action Item for the Board
Approval of proposed revision to the OPS Editorial Guideline
Miao Hong, on behalf of the Publications Committee