Mentorship Program Committee

Date: 20 Dec. 2008

Member Roster (Please list Chair as the first name):
Wenwen Zhang, Chair
Jason Alston
Nora Chen
Sun Li
Zao Liu
Eve Alison Nyren
Lian Ruan

Is this an interim or annual report?: Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
The Mentorship Program is going on smoothly. The recruitment started early this year. The Committee Chair revised the program announcement in October 2008 and sent it out to all CALA members via Listserv, upon approval by the CALA President . With the strong support and assistance of CALA President ShaLi Zhang and Web Master Vincci Kwong, the program announcement was then posted on the CALA's website immediately.

We are very glad that we have received 7 mentee applications and 5 mentor applications in past these two months. After actively communicating and coordinating among the committee members, mentors and meetees, we have matched 5 pairs. All mentors and mentees are happy about their matches. Some of them have already arranged meets at the upcoming ALA Midwinter Conference in Denver. Mentees as well as mentors appreciate very much the mentoring opportunities that CALA provides.

Many thanks to all the Mentorship Program Committee Members for their dedilcation and enthusiasm about the program and their efforts and valuable volunteer time contributed in the program to make it successful. This is a super team. Everybody works dilignetly recruiting and coordinating between mentors and mentees. I especially wanted to acknowledge Committee Member Zao Liu for her efforts in recruiting a mentor. When she knew we needed a mentor expericed in cataloging Chinese materials, she went talk personally to her colleague amd recruited her to be a mentor.

We are now still looking for a mentor who possesses experience as a business librarian in the public library setting. If anybody knows a librarian in that field, please contact the Committee Chair.

Thank you.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board: