Report-2009-Interim_Occasional Paper Series

TO:        CALA Publications Committee

FROM:    Judy Jeng, Ph.D.
CALA OPS Editor-in-Chief

DATE:        January 2, 2009

RE:        CALA Occasional Paper Series Mid-Year Report

I am very pleased to report to you the CALA OPS Editorial Board has accomplished the following from June 2008 to present:

•    Published CALA Occasional Paper Series No.2 in November 2008.
•    All published issues (No. 1 and No. 2) are indexed by EBSCO.
•    Continued to solicit and receive manuscripts for possible publication. One paper is currently being reviewed. One group of authors has been in close contact with the Editor-in-Chief in preparing for a paper.

As most of the editorial board members will complete their first term, the CALA OPS Editorial Board is currently working with your committee on the slate of board members and their terms.

The goals for the remaining year are to:

•    Seek additional vendor for indexing and abstracting of CALA OPS
•    Review current policy regarding CALA OPS, including page minimum (50 pages).