JLIS Editorial Board

DATE: 1/10/2009

Min Chou (Chairperson), Xue-Ming Bao, Nancy Hershoff, Manuel Urrizola, Mark Winston, Sha-Li Zhang (ex-officio), Mengxiong Liu (ex-officio), Hong Miao (ex-officio), and Mia Bassham (ex-officio)

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The new editorial board started the work right after the appointments of the chairperson/English Editor and the editorial board members were announced in July 2008.  This is a very strong editorial board; everyone is very capable, supportive, collaborative, and committed to the work.  Busy with many other professional commitments, everyone has demonstrated genuine efforts to keep JLIS work moving forward – from soliciting manuscripts to recruiting referees, to manuscript review process.  The editorial board also focused on improving the process to make the editorial work more systematic and efficient in the future.  Briefly listed below please find what we have achieved thus far:

  1. Updated CALA JLIS website
    Information on CALA website regarding JLIS has been updated.  The JLIS website hosted by NTNU still has the old information.  The chairperson will contact the NTNU editors to update the information.  A password authenticated site on CALA web has also been created for editorial board members to access committee documents and reports.
  2. Vigorously promoted the Journal and Solicited papers
    We sent out call for papers twice, in July and December 2008.  As we continue to cover the regular base of readership which is CALA members and friends, we also reached out to colleagues in many national and international library organizations, such as IFLA, ACRL-NJ, VALE-NJ, ALA world AALL Asian caucus, APALA and other ALA ethnic caucuses, and more, to promote the Journal and to solicit submissions.
  3. Actively recruited reviewers
    Since the Journal is a peer reviewed publication, reviewers play a very important role in keeping the quality of manuscripts.  To date, we have recruited 15 reviewers for the Journal.  We will continue to expand the pool to have 25-30 reviewers.
  4. Thoroughly reviewed manuscripts
    We have received two papers in August, one paper in October, one paper in November, and four papers in December.  Review process usually takes about two to three months as reviewers have given valuable and constructive opinions and suggestions to authors for revision.  So far, one paper has passed the review process and was sent to NTNU for publication, two papers were rejected, and all others are going through review process.

Future Recommendations:
Appointment/reappointment decisions for the chairperson and members of CALA JLIS Editorial Board should be made at least six months before the beginning of their new terms to ensure continuation and transition for the editorial work.  

Action Item for the Board: Reappointment of editorial board member
The chairperson would like to recommend to CALA Board of Directors of the reappointment of Dr. Mark Winston as member of the CALA JLIS Editorial Board.  His new three-year term will start from July 2009.

Respectfully submitted,
Min Chou