Dora Ho-- 2016-2017 CALA Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Dear CALA Members:

The CALA Awards Committee is pleased to announce that Ms. Dora T. Ho, a CALAlife member and the Young Adult Librarian at Los Angeles Public Library, is therecipient of the 2016-2017 CALA Distinguished Service Award!! 

Dora Ho has been dedicated to Chinese and Chinese-American librarianship throughout her career.  She has committed to the growth and presence of CALAas a strong ethnic professional association through her passionate activism and professional involvement.  Dora Ho has been an outstanding leader and played many leadership roles in organizations both nationally and locally.  She has chaired many committees and taken numerous key member positions since she entered the profession, such as:

·         APALA Vice President/President Elect, 2016-2017

·         JCLC Treasurer, 2015-2019,

·         ALA Executive Board Member, 2011-2014

·         CALA President, 2007-2008

·         NMRT President, 2001-2002

·         CALA Board of Directors, 1998-2001, 2008-2010

·         CALA Treasurer, 2001-2004, 2004-2007

Of particular notice are Dora Ho’s three publications, “Positive Attitude.” “An Advocate for Teens: the Yong adult Librarian,” and “K-pop Wave,” which recapitulate her contributions to teen services, cultural diversity, mentoring and recruitment of Chinese-American candidates.   

Please join me in congratulating Ms. Dora Ho on her being selected as the recipient of this long overdue Award, and applauding her achievements at 2017CALA Awards Banquet in Chicago, Illinoi.   

CALA Awards Committee (2016-2017)

Yongyi Song, Co-Chair
Leping He, Co –Chair
Sun Li, Member
Mary Wu, Member
Sharon Yang, Member