CALA Newsletter

Date: 21 Jan. 2009

Member Roster:
Shuyong Jiang outgoing newsletter editor

Sai Deng incoming newsletter editor
Priscilla Yu incoming newsletter editor

Is this an interim or annual report?: Interim report

List significant activities the committee has done since last report:
The Newsletter's new design and new focus on CALA members and chapters activities and achievements has drawn more attention from CALA membership. The Newsletter was well received and viewed as a powerful tool to promote our accomplishments, to communicate with fellow members and to present CALA to the library world. More members now pay attention to the Newsletter and want to send information and news items to be published on the Newsletter.

The last issue of 2008 was published. Like previous two issues since I became the editor, this issue includes featured news item to highlight achievements of CALA members, highlights of chapter activities. It has expanded in terms of categories to include more news items from the library field, such as conference calls and other professional development opportunities.

The new format and design continue to receive good comments. the templates and design of the Newsletter certainly add a little touch of the color and appealing look.

Best wishes for the incoming Newsletter editors. It is an enjoyable and rewarding job.

List committee recommendations, if any, to the Board: