Presenting Opportunity at Beijing Normal University Training Center for Academic Librarians

Dear Colleagues,

 The CALA International Relations Committee is pleased to announce a presenting opportunity at Beijing Normal University Training Center for academic librarians in Beijing area. We are calling for two presenters who are experts in the following topics for a one or two-day training between in late May or in October (dates and time are to be determined, please indicate what time period you are available in your application).

1.      美国大学图书馆数据驱动决策的方法与实践;Data-driven decision-making method and practice in American university libraries.

2.      美国大学图书馆用户参与式设计实践 American University Library User Participatory Design Practice;

3.      美国大学研究数据管理的实践: The practice of American university research data management;

4.      美国大学图书馆数据素养教育实践;或美国大学图书馆信息素养教育的新方法、新实践

The practice of data literacy education in American university libraries, or the new methods and practices of information literacy education in American university libraries;

5.      美国大学图书馆电子资源利用的成效评估: The effectiveness evaluation of electronic resources utilization in American university libraries;

6.      美国大学图书馆资源采购纸电协调策略及实践: Strategy and practice of American university libraries’ resources management between print and electrical materials;

7.      美国著名高校移动图书馆建设的现状和趋势: The trend of the construction of mobile libraries in the famous universities in USA;

8.      美国大学图书馆特色资源建设方法、现状及趋势: American University Library characteristics of resources construction methods, status and trends.


According to the agreement with BALIS, the presenters should prepare at least an hour-long lecture and will host discussions both before and after the presentations. The presenters may also need to facilitate small groups’ discussion at a later time. 


Qualifications of Presenters:

·        An ALA-accredited MLS degree or its equivalent is required;

·        Must be a CALA member;

·        Must have at least 6 years of post MLS professional working experience in a field of library services in the North America.

·        Must have experience in presentation and be responsible for the quality of the assigned topics;

·        Must agree to prepare and deliver quality PowerPoint presentations in Chinese; 

·        May represent CALA to discuss future training plans with BALIS.



·        The BALIS will cover speakers' lodging, meals and local transportation cost during the seminar period (TBA 1-2 days)

·        Speakers will each receive a stipend and/or an International air ticket from BALIS

·        Opportunity of presenting and exchanging ideas with Chinese librarians and colleagues


To apply:

Please use the attached application form to apply. Your application form, presentation examples and resume should be sent to both, and

The deadline for application is March 5, 2017. The selection results will be announced on March, 15, 2017.


CALA International Relations Committee

Shuyong Jiang (Co-Chair)

Guoqing Li (Co-Chair)

Jianye He

Guoying Liu

Shen Ying