2008/2009 CALA Board Meeting II Agenda


2008/2009 CALA Board Meeting II

ALA Midwinter at Denver

January 24, 2009 (Saturday), 07:00 - 09:00 pm

Location: Sheraton Denver- Columbine


All available reports are posted on CALA Web: http://www.cala-web.org/node/672

Please review, print and bring the Agenda, all the handouts including reports, appendixes, proposals, recommendations and other documents to the Meeting. Please arrange the documents according to the order in the Agenda.



I. Welcome and Self Introduction


II. Approval of Agenda




III.  ALA Exe. Board Liaison to CALA- Mario Gonzalez (7:10 pm)


IVALA President Elect Camila Alire’s Initiative - Patty Wong (around 7:30 pm)


V. 2008 ALA Presidential Candidate - Oliver Kent (around 8:00 pm)


VI. 2008 ALA Presidential Candidate - Roberta A. Stevens (between 8:30 –9:00 p.m.)


VII. Approval of Minutes


1. 2007/2008 1st Board Meeting Notes (January 12, 2008, Philadelphia; no official meeting minutes were submitted for this meeting)


2. 2007/2008 2nd Board Meeting Minutes (June 29, 2008, Anaheim)


3. 2007/2008 3rd Board Meeting Minutes (June 30, 2008, Anaheim)


4. 2008-2009 Board Special Online Meeting Minutes



VIII. President's Report: Sha Li Zhang


IX. Executive Director Report: Haipeng Li


X. Treasurer and Finance Committee (report delayed): Shuyong Jiang (Treasurer) and Ai-Hua Chen, Esther Lee (Finance Co-Chairs)


XI. Committee Reports

A. Awards Committee: Cathy Yang (Chair)

1. Approve the guidelines for President Recognition Award



B. Best Book Award: Julia Tung & Miao Jin (Co-Chairs)


C. CALA JLIS Editorial Board, Min Chou (Chair)

1. Approve the reappointment of Dr. Mark Winston as member of the CALA JLIS Editorial Board for a three-year term starting from July 2009.



D. Conference Program Committees

1. 2009 Chicago, IL: Xudong Jin (Chair)

2. 2010 Boston, MA: Zhijia Shen (Chair)


E. Constitution & Bylaws Committee: Karen Wei (Chair)


F. Finance Committee Ai-Hua Chen, Esther Lee (Co-Chairs)


G. International Relations Committee: Lisa Zhao (Chair)


H. Membership Committee: Songqian Lu, Elaine Dpng (Co-Chairs)

1. Reduce the lines of entries on the CALA Membership Directory



2. Required fields for the membership database


3. To form a membership management system task force to identify and configure a membership management system



I. Mentorship Committee: Wenwen Zhang (Chair)


J. Nominating Committee: Dora Ho (Chair)

1. Approve Slate of Candidates



K. Public Relations/Fundraising Committee: Esther Lee, Ai-Hua Chen, (Co-Chairs)


L. Publications Committee: Miao Hong, Mia Bassium (Co-Chairs)

1. Approve the proposed revisions to CALA OPS Editorial Statement (from 2007-2008),



2. Approve the proposed revisions to CALA OPS Editorial Guidelines


M. Sally C. Tseng’s Professional Development Grant: Lian Ruan (Chair)


N. Scholarships Committee: Ying Xu (Chair)


O. Web Committee: Bin Zhang & Vincci Kwong (Co-Chairs)

1. Approve switching to a new web/listserv hosting plan, before the current plan expires on 29 April, 2009



XII. Ad Hoc Committees, Taskforces, Representatives and Others

A. CALA 21st Century Librarian Seminar Project Taskforce: Haipeng Li (Chair)

1. Authorize the CALA 21st Century Librarian Seminar Project Taskforce and the International Relations Committee to assume responsibilities to support the IMLS grant project


B. Organizational Manuals Taskforce Susan Xue, Junlin Pan (Co-Chairs)


C. Taskforce on Rebuilding Libraries in 512 Earthquake Areas in China Sally Tseng (Chair)

1. Approve the recommendation of saving the balance of the funds in the amount of $10,700.00 (as of Dec. 31, 2008) with the highest interest CD in CALA’s Earthquake Funds Account.  This amount will be donated to earthquake-damaged libraries for needed books and journals collections when their libraries are rebuilt in the near future.



D. Taskforce on the CALA Travel Grant Guidelines, Mengxiong Liu (Chair)

1. Approve CALA Travel Grant Guidelines



XIII. Reports from Chapter Presidents

A. Greater Mid-Atlantic Chapter: Jing Zhong

B. Midwest Chapter: Qi Chen

C. Northeast Chapter: Esther Lee

D. Northern California Chapter: Yi Liang

E. Southeast Chapter: Hanrong Wang

F. Southern California Chapter: Yongyi Song

G. Southwest Chapter: Grace Gu