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AnyMeeting - for Online Meetings or Conferences

AnyMeeting is an online service provided by  It has FREE version and paid version (please visit for details).  

Web Committee recommended this Web service for online meetings because it is easy to setup a meeting and easy to use.  It supports multiple protocols, including webinar and tele-conference, etc.

Web Committee subscribed the Pro version for CALA meetings and trainings as a pilot. The following FAQs were prepared for the Board meeting at ALA Midwindter, 2014. After the pilot, Web Committee has stopped maintaining the Pro subscription and will subscribe the Pro version as needed. Should any Chapters or Committees need to use the software, please subscribe (or use the trial) on your own.

- Web Committee (2014-2015)



AnyMeeting FAQs


1. What do I need to prepare for a meeting?

Need a computer device with the Internet connection, running a Web browser that supports Adobe Flash Player if you would like to use your computer’s microphone.

2. Where can I start?

a) Watch an Anymeeting overview video at

b) Check your system (e.g. Operating System, Browser, Cookies, JavaScript, Flash) to ensure it meets the minimum requirements at

c) To learn more about Anymeeting see Tech Support at

3. Do I have to install anything to join a meeting?

Not at all. Simply click the link to join the meeting.

4. How do I join a meeting?

You should receive an invitation e-mail from Click on the link to join the meeting, fill out the required information, and click Join the Meeting. Then, you will be prompted to choose your audio source:

Using my phone: If you choose to use your phone as your audio source you need to dial the phone number and the access code provided in the invitation

Using my computer: If you choose to use your computer, make sure the microphone works.

You can switch back and forth between these sources any time during the meeting.

5. What is the Adobe software prompt for?

After you pass the audio source screen and an advice screen, a prompt for Adobe Flash Player will appear asking you to allow access to computer Web cam and microphone. Select Allow and press Close to continue.

6. How do I mute or unmute myself?

It is recommended that the host selects "Q & A Mode" as the meeting option. This will mute all attendees but they have the option to unmute themselves if needed. Each attendee using their computer mic/speakers will need to click on the "Mic" button at the top of the screen to unmute themselves while each attendee using their phones will need to dial *6.

7. How can I ask a question?

Attendees may ask questions by clicking on the My Mood icon at the top of the screen, then click on Raise Hand. Or one can simply ask a question via Chat in the left panel.

8. Will the meeting be recorded?

The host will indicate if the meeting is recorded at the beginning. To create a recording of a live meeting, the host will click on the Record button in the meeting control bar and then click Start Recording.

[Note: Recording feature is available with Pro (paid) version only.  FREE version does not have this feature.]

9. Could you please remind me of the time zone?

The host will schedule the meeting and the time zone is indicated in the invitation e-mail.

10. How can I “talk” if my mic or phone is not working?

You can use the Chat (located at the bottom left) of AnyMeeting screen.

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