President's Report

Dear members:
We have had a very encouraging half year from July 1, 2013 to January 2014. I thank you all for your hard work and support.
In this report, I try to summarize the highlights of the Board, Committees and chapters in the past half year in a brief matter.
What the Board Has Done
This year the board uses the online discussion quite often which increased board members’ participation and efficiency. In the past half year the Board has held the discussion on the following issues:
1. When this report is sent the board is in the process of approving the Advertisement on Website. Online advertisements are a good financial source for supporting CALA and an information resource for members. Currently CALA only has Library Jobline ( on the web The current Web Committee summarized the work experience and revised the Guideline more clear and easy to use. The result of the board decision will be out at the end of January 13, 2014.
[Added on 1/20/2014: The guideline of the Advertisement on Website is passed on 1/12/2014.]
2. The board has approved the CALA Investment Policy. This is a business left by last year. This document was initiated and drafted by the 2012/13 Finance Committee lead by Clement Lau. The purpose of this document is, as stated in the document, “to serve as a guideline in investing the Association’s financial assets to support the goals and enhance the activities of the Association. The Statement outlines the responsibilities, general objectives, and specific guidelines and process for management of Association funds.” The approved document has been sent to this year Finance Committee for suggestions on using it to manage CALA’s investment.
3. The board has passed the 2013/14 budget after about two months of discussion. This is the first time the board discusses the budget item by item. The process of this discussion has gotten board members more familiar with the items of CALA’s income and expenditures. The budget is to make the balance of the income and expenses.
4. Stated in CALA Constitution Article I “This organization shall be know as the Chinese American Librarians
Association (CALA), incorporated under the General Not for Profit Corporation Act of the State Illinois, …” In September, CALA status of General Not for Profit Corporation* was found not been renewed in Illinois since 2002. From September 16 to October 10 2013, I asked the board and committees to stop activities until CALA reinstated its legal status. In October 10, 2013 the confirmation letter from the Illinois State Secretary Office was received that CALA’s status registered in Illinois as a non-profit organization has been successfully reinstated. Immediately I informed the board and committees to resume the activities. From this year forward, the legal status of CALA will be safeguarded by appropriate procedure.
[Note: * Please be clarified that this legal status is different from the status of 501(c)3. An non-profit organization is not necessary a 501(c)3 organization. But a 501(c)3 organization must be a registered non-profit organization. With the legal registered non-profit organization status, the organization can apply for the 501(c)3 status from IRS.]
5. The 2012/2013 membership directory, a 2012/2013 old business, has been put in print. The cost of printing is $3,558.00 for 560 copies. The shipment cost will be added later.
6. CALA supports two members in participating in the ALA 2014 Emerging
Leaders program. The two participants are:Raymond Pun and Samuel Suber
The project for this year Emerging Leaders program is: Tell Chinese American Librarians’ Story which has been accepted by ALA.
7. At the end of July 2013, the board received the notice that CALA needed to make a prepayment of 6300 Singapore dollar (about US$5,000) for the US reception at IFLA in the middle of August 2013 at Singapore. I stopped the discussion in Board on this issue due to lacking of both the Board awareness and formal written document for this event and prepayment.
The lesson from this case is: 1) CALA needs to improve its policy/procedure: Any agreement in process should always be informed to the Board to discuss and approve first. No individual should agree without informing and approval of the Board, and 2) the agreement and payment need a formal written documentation to CALA.
In this year Committees/Task-Forces are very active. Committee members have been working hard on their responsibilities.
Committees’ Report
1. Awards Committee: lead by Guoying Liu and Haiwang Yuan, is reviewing and making suggestions of changes of the existing guidelines for the CALA Distinguished Service Award, the President’s Recognition Award and the document for Awards Committee. The call for nomination of the awards has been sent out to CALA listserv on January 11, 2014. Deadline for sending the nomination is March 25, 2014.
2. 2014 Conference Program Planning Committee, lead by the vice president Carol Gee with 8 members, has decided the theme as “Exploring the World: Librarian Leadership and Global Outreach.” Three confirmed three speakers: Donna Scheeder (IFLA), Maureen Sullivan (ALA), Shu-hsien Tseng (National Library of Taiwan).
3. The Constitution/Bylaws Committee, lead by Priscilla Yu and Tze-chung Li with other 3 members, has worked out some issues for the board to discuss. Soon after the board discussed, the issues will be sent to members to approve.
4. Finance Committee, lead by Maggie Wang and Weiping Zhang, with other 3 members, will work on drafting a guideline document on filing of 990-EZ form. In addition, to give the suggestion based on the approved Investment Policy.
5. International Relations Committee, lead by Shuyong Jiang and Guoqing Li with other 5 members, has selected and announced speakers at a next year session of the CALA 21st Century Librarianship series in Kunming, Yunnan, China. The speakers are
  • Shi Deng (Head, Chinese Japanese Korean Cataloging & Metadata Unit, Metadata Services, UC San Diego Library)
  • Rong Wang (Assistant Director of Sidney Silverman Library & LRC Bergen Community College)
  • Jennifer Zhao (Liaison Librarian for Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Physical Geography Schulich Library of Science and Engineering, McGill University)
  • Tim Zou (Head of Performing Arts and Media, University of Arkansas Libraries)
The Committee is working with other possible places for holding more sessions of the CALA 21st Century Librarianship series.
6. Membership Committee: lead by Min Tong and Fu Zhuo, with other 3 members:
1) Dr. Li's donation $1,000 for recruiting new student members ( Up to 12/16/2013 from the announcement in October, 2013, 12 student members were recruited through this donation (6 from SCA chapter; 4 from SW chapter; 2 from non-chapter)
2) The survey to collect members' reaction about the usage of the print membership directory has the report: 43.39% responded to OCCASIONALLY use the print membership directory, 39.68% NEVER use, while 11.11% FREQUENTLY use them. The full survey result can be seen at
7. Nominating Committee: lead by the immediate past president Esther Lee with the 7 chapter past immediate presidents, has had a preliminary list for the nominated people and soon will be announced. This year the fill-in positions are:
a) For the incoming vice president position
b) Treasurer
c) The Board Directors*
[Note: * From this year experience, some concerned issues raised: 1) if the number of nominees for the Board director exceed the number 10 specified by the Bylaw Article VII, how to decide which nominated name(s) should be taken off the list; 2) when to seek the consent of nominees: before or after the procedure in 1).]
8. Public Relations/Fund-raising Committee: Qi Chen and Lili Li (resigned in last December), with other 5 member, 1) Press released news of CALA programs at the 2013 annual program, published a announcement on the ALA Cognote; news about Dr. Li’s donation for recruiting student members and scholarship; the CALA winner in ALA “I lover my librarian.” 2)Sent Mid-Autumn greetings to CALA and other caucuses; 3) drafting CALA fund-raising letter for fund-raising.
9. Publication Committee: lead by Hong Miao and LiangLei Qi, with other 6 members, discussed the promotion of Chinese American librarians’ publication working closely with the Task-force of Chinese American Librarians’ Repository; discussed the CALA publication JILS and OPS related issue: the promotion, the difference of two publications, and the language of OPS.
10. Scholarship Committee: lead by Raymond Wang with other 3 members (the 5th member was resigned soon after the committee is announced and did not add any new members), 1) on 12/11/2013, has sent out a call for application of CALA Scholarship of Library and Information Science and The Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship (; 2) sent the scholarship news to library schools.
11. Web Committee: Lead by Weiling Liu and Zhimin Chen with other 4 members (recently recruit another team member (Li Fu from Maryland) working on server, works closely with Committees and Board; revised the online advertisement guideline; set up online vote system which is recorded and archive the Board’s activities; selected the “anymeeting” which will be test during the rest of the year by the board and committees, etc.
Other Task-force and Committees
1. Family Literacy Focus Project Committee, lead by Dora Ho with other 2 members, has announced the winner of the Grant Award ( The winners are:
  • The libraries are the 4S Ranch Branch of the San Diego County Library system
  • The Porter Ranch Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library.

The focus of the two winners’ project will be on awareness of Chinese-American history via Angel Island and more community building around Chinese-American culture, and on the culture and custom of Chinese New Year respectively. Congratulations!

2. The Mentorship Committee: lead by Vincci Kwang and Haoyang Zhang, with other 1 member, has paired committee received 10 mentee applications and 7 mentor applications.

3. The Committee of Jing Liao Award for the Best Research in All Media, lead by Heather Cai and Vickie Fu with other 3 members, has sent out the call for applications (; revised the guideline of the committee (; established a clear procedure for the committee, and Find and review the agreement/contract with Liao’s family about managing the fund. The due day for application is March 31, 2014.

4. Best Book Award Committee: lead by Jiaxun Wu and Kuei Chiu with other 3 members, 1) Revised the application form, add some fields such as, author, new categories--academic books, Juvenile and children Books, to make the application more clear; 2) Revised the Committee’s guideline; 3) sent out the call for nomination for best book award ( The nomination deadline is April 18, 2014.
5. CALA 40th Celebration Task-Force: lead by Sai Deng and Yuan Li with other 2 members, collected CALA’s and members’ historical materials with CALA.
  • The Fall 2013 issue of CALA Newsletter is well done. This Newsletter has show how much work the Task-Force has been working. It is still collecting historical materials from CALA members by the online form:
  • The members of Task-Force: did Historical Materials Search and Digitization: In July 2013, Priscilla Yu visited the Asian American Studies Library at the University of California, Berkeley and found scant material, particularly the historical CALA Newsletters that could be researched for the 40th Anniversary Special Issue; Sai searched for CALA historical materials online and found that ALA Archives at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) hosts some CALA collections including old newsletters, annual programs and membership directories, and Ximin found some CALA newsletters through WorldCat.
  • The Task-force hopes to have more active response from members.
6. CALA Institutional Repository System Task Force: lead by Sharon Hu and Mingyan Li with other 4 members, held 4 times online meetings: discussed the guideline/policy; selecting and setting up the system and schema of the metadata, and pilot test and funding issue for the repository. The purpose of this task is to promote and preserve Chinese American librarians’ publications.
7. CALA Task Force for the “Outstanding Library Leadership Award in Memory of Dr. Margaret Chang Fung”: lead by Hwa-Wei Lee with other 6 members and the representative of the donor’s family. The Task Force
  • Sent out the call for nomination (
  • The deadline for the submission of complete nomination package is February 1, 2014. c. Selection will be made before March 31, 2014 and
  • Recommendation will be submitted to the President and the Executive Director for approval by the Board and by the Fung family representative before April 30, 2014.
  • Announcement of the final recipient of the Award will be made on or before May 1, 2014.
8. Conference Travel Grant Committee: lead by Jianye He and Wen Wen Zhang with another member, reviewed and revised the working procedure of the committee; changes the timeline of the committee work in order to support the best candidates. On Jan. 2, 2014, the Committee has announced the call for application ( The application deadline is March 20, 2014.
9. Handbook of Officer Committee: lead by Jie Huang and Xiaoyin Zhang. The Committee has collected the revised section of handbook, and will work with committees to review the committees’ term and responsibility comparing with what have been specified in Bylaws;
10. IFLA Representatives: Min Chou and Shali Zhang, Sent IFLA news to CALA listserv; and raised the issue for finance support of CALA participating in US reception during IFLA.
11. Election Ad-Hoc Committee: Soon will be announced. The consent to serve has been sought.
12. Audit Task-Force: lead by the executive director Li Fu and Maggie Wang, with other 3 members. The Task-force studied the laws whether CALA needs audit. So far the result is not enough to make a clear outline for the issue, and will continue to study on this topic.
13. Sally C. Tseng Professional Development Grant Committee: lead by Songqian Lu and other 2 members, and the donor. I have communicated with the Committee. It should be clarified the committee is consisted of 2 sides: CALA representatives and the donor. I suggested the Committee to review the guideline and make a clear picture of this grant like CALA other grant/scholarship donations.
14. Self-Assessment Task-Force: lead by Anna Xiong and Jiun Kuo with other 1 members: has discussed the questionnaire for the self-assessment and will send questions to members soon after the Midwinter. The 1st self-assessment was done by 1999. The Task Force has discussed the content of the survey should cover but not limit:
  • Members’ satisfaction: on the leadership, finance, annual program and banquet, transparency, election process and other activities (include chapter activities), etc
  • What members need the most;
  • What members’ expectation about CALA when they join it;
  • The most attractive and disappoint things as members' view;
  • Suggestions for improvement;
  • After the survey, write the final report and send to members;
  • Write an article based on this survey (last time CALA did this and had an article: This survey was published in the Journal of Library and Information Science, 35(1): 99-114)
15. Task-force for Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship of Library and Information Science: lead by Anna Ren and Dong Mei Cao with 1 more member. The purpose of the Taskforce is to investigate how much money currently CALA still hold for Sheila Suen Lai Scholarship of Library and Information Science. The Task-force has talked the donor and CALA earlier officers. To make a clear picture of this Scholarship, the task-force needs to review further of previous documentations; and put all winners of this scholarship together.
Most chapters are active this year. Here I only present in very brief. The details of each chapter can be seen from the report of the chapter.
Most chapters have held their election. The chapter officers can be seen at (need to scroll down to Chapter Information (2013/2014)
Some chapters have made and will continue to make effort on using “one-year free membership” supported by the Dr. Tze-chung Li’s $1,000 donation:
1. MA chapter has contact The Catholic University of America, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, University of Pittsburgh and University of Maryland at College Park.
2. NE chapter has made a flyers and sent to Rutgers, Syracuse, Pratt Institute, St. John's, University of Buffalo, and SUNY University at Albany where may have Chinese students.
3. SW Chapter:The Chapter requested the 6 library school program contacts in the Southwest to forward CALA membership initiatives and the membership grant information to library school students with Chinese ethnicity.
Events in Chapters
1. NCA: On October 12, 2013, the NCA chapter co-sponsored the lecture and exhibit of Su Dongpo and his Ci at San Francisco Public Library, organized by SFPL and National Center Library of Taiwan. The event was so well attended with the room completely full and many audience even stand to the end of the program.
2. SW chapter: To celebrate this event and to promote CALA in Arizona, the Chapter made a 66” x 42” poster, entitled “40th Anniversary of Chinese American Librarians Association (CALA): A milestone to the Past and Future,” and presented it at the Arizona Libraries Association (AzLA) Annual Conference on November 14, 2013 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Leping He, the Chapter President, was also invited to give a talk about CALA at the AzLA International Interest Group program session.
3. Many members in chapters have done presentations in various events. This can been read in details in chapters’ report.
Let us continue to work together to make a difference. Thank you all,
Lisa Zhao
CALA President
CC: Li Fu, Executive Director