CALA Print Membership Directory Survey Report

Dear colleagues,

Happy New Year! The Membership Committee would like to thank all those
members who took the survey about the print membership directory back
in November 2013. Attached or below please find the report of the survey results.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the survey.


CALA Membership Committee (2013-14) (




CALA Print Membership Directory Survey Report

December 5, 2013

From October 18, 2013 to November 18, 2013, an online survey about the usage of the print membership directories was conducted among all active CALA members. Survey was sent to 533 members’ emails on file and 189 responses were received, with a response rate of 35%. The purpose of the survey was to assess the need of the print directories for our members. Here are some highlights of the survey result:

43.39% responded to OCCASIONALLY use the print membership directory, 39.68% NEVER use, while 11.11% FREQUENTLY use them.1

● For those members who occasionally or frequently use the print directory, 20.11% use it to network with other Chinese American Librarians; 14.81% use it to keep in touch with old friends; while 10.05% use it to conduct CALA committee work.2

● As for the preferred option to access the directory, 62.96% chose "Online database (can be searchable, up-to-date at real time as database is updated and with member login required); 17.99% preferred "Print"; while 13.23% chose "Downloadable pdf file". 3

54 members left comments and suggestions for the improvement of the directory. Most comments strongly supported stopping the print directory and believed it was an overdue for CALA to offer an online directory. However, we have one member commented that "This is the one benefit CALA offers to its members. Please do not take it away."

● Be it online or print, many comments expressed concerns about the CALA membership directories, which included dated member information, potential member privacy breach, inclusion of expired member information, and ease of access if going online, etc.

Respectfully submitted,

CALA Membership Committee (2013-2014)



1 0.53% Abstain; 5.29% "Not completed or Not Displayed".

2 8.99% Write-in; 0.53% Abstain, 45.50% "Not completed or Not Displayed".

3 0.53% Abstain; 5.29% "Not completed or Not Displayed".


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