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Winners of CALA Annual Jing Liao Award for the Best Research in All Media

2015 - Yiqing Tang


2014 - Dr. Zhixian Yi

Lecturer, School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Yi, Zhixian. 2013. Setting goals for change in the information age: Approaches of academic library directors in the USA. Library Management 34 (1/2): 5-19. DOI (Permanent URL):10.1108/01435121311298234

Using Bolman and Deal’s reframing change model, the author embarked on a quest to uncover approaches by library directors when setting goals. The author reviewed a large amount of literature on goal setting for change in organizations and designed a sophisticated survey to test previous hypotheses using the results of binary and multinomial logistic regressions. This unique study provides useful information to the directors of U.S. academic libraries.

The Bolman and Deal model of setting goals for change includes structural, human resource, political and symbolic - all of which were incorporated into the survey as part of this multi-frame approach. The returns of 596 survey respondents out of the original 1010 led to the findings which ultimately supported the hypotheses that three categories of predictors affected the approaches used to set goals for change by library directors. Notably, the findings are elegantly displayed in numerous tables.

The findings will help library directors understand how their approaches to setting goals for change are affected by demographics, human capital, and library characteristics.  The survey result showed that 90.1 percent of the directors used the multi-frame approach to set goals for change. The author states, "This approach would help directors take correct actions to set goals for change and manage change much better."   Additionally, the inquiry may prompt further research including longitudinal studies that would reveal significant factors influencing the approaches used to set goals for change over a period of time.

The article provides a useful overview on how the directors set goals for change, the approaches they used, and the factors that influenced their approaches used. It should be beneficial to current and future library directors, managers, and librarians alike to gain an understanding of the administrative or operational skills that are required for academic library directors.  The research work is solid and the author explains how he reached the final conclusions thoroughly.

Combining the theoretical and practical approaches, this study can significantly help directors to steer their respective libraries in the right direction as they manage the unavoidable changes in the information age. It can also help librarians to gain better understanding of the factors that influence the approaches used to set goals for change by library directors of their institutions. The fact that the article has been downloaded more than 500 times is a clear indicator of its value to scholarly community. It is listed on the Emerald website as one of the most popular (download) articles (retrieved from, May 2, 2014).


2013 - Clement Chu-Sing Lau

Associate Director for Technical Services and Administration, University of Baltimore, School of Law Library, Baltimore, Maryland

Liu, Zhusheng 刘朱胜. "Meiguo gonggong tushuguan fa yanjiu 美国公共图书馆法研究 (American Public Library Law)." Tushuguan 图书馆 (Library) 2012.3 (2012): 1-7. Print.

Liu, Zhusheng 刘朱胜. "Meiguo gonggong tushuguan fa yanjiu: xu 美国公共图书馆法研究:续 (American Public Library Law)." Tushuguan 图书馆 (Library) 2012.4 (2012): 1-7. Print.

Mr. Lau’s article was published in two parts. Each part appeared as the “featured article” under the subject of  "中美图书馆员交流" (China-U.S. Librarians Exchange) by the journal Library (图书馆). This bimonthly publication has been published by the Hunan Library (湖南图书馆) and the Hunan Society for library science (湖南省图书馆学会) since 1973. It is one of the core library journals in China. It has been indexed by all core Chinese academic journal databases. This article was selected for its high quality and thoroughness in research, and easy to read presentation. His ability to process and organize a large amount of information is commendable. The article is clearly a well-organized and well-researched presentation that is timely and useful to Chinese librarians and the library community. Mr. Lau has made a significant contribution by introducing American public library law, its history, and development to the Mainland Chinese library community. He also provides a great learning opportunity for Chinese-American librarians to understand the U.S. legal system and the libraries in which they are employed. This is indeed an excellent scholarly work that will inspire our colleagues in China and benefit CALA members as well.


2012 - Sharon Q. Yang

Systems Librarian, Rider University Libraries, Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Yang, S. Q., & Hofann, M. (2011). Next Generation or Current Generation? A Study of the OPACs of 260 Academic Libraries in the United States and Canada. Library Hi Tech, 29(2), 266-300.

Ms. Yang's article was selected for its originality and high quality. It is clearly a well-researched paper with an interesting and relevant topic, and solid data collection from 260 college and university libraries in the US and Canada. This is the first and only study on a large scale that evaluates the progress towards the Next Generation Catalog in academic libraries in North America. It contributes significantly to identifying areas for improvement and providing input on how to develop the next generation catalogs in order to maximize the use of library information and services.

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