CALA Annual Program at ALA 2016, Orlando, FL: Helping CALA, Helping You

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Helping CALA, Helping You

Joining CALA, Advancing Your Career

June 26th 1:00 – 2:30 Hyatt, Florida Ballroom B. Orlando, FL


Responding to the CALA 2015 Strategic Plan on member recruitment, retention, engagement, and growth, CALA’s Annual Program 2016 will be focused on the development and advancement of the organization and its members. The goal of the program is to nurture CALA members’ professional growth so that they can better contribute to the growth of CALA. The program will invite CALA members to demonstrate how CALA has helped them through various opportunities and programs to develop their potential and become leaders in the profession. They will also talk about their contribution to the growth of CALA and their expectations and future vision of CALA.

By looking at these areas, the program will assess and generate new ideas and propose new programs to benefit the members and to raise CALA to a higher level.

The Panel includes long time members, who have both contributed to CALA and grown to hold intermediate and senior management positions of their institutions and young active promising members to share their experience, perspectives and expectations. The Program Committee encourages and invites all members to attend and contribute to the discussion to create a rich, mutual and nurturing environment.