Xudong Jin - ACRL member of the Week

Dear CALA Members,

I am very pleased to share this exciting news with you:

Xudong Jin, CALA life member, CALA 2009-2010 President, now Library Director of Pitt Community College Library is featured this week for November 25, 2013 on the ACRL Insider blog at http://www.acrl.ala.org/acrlinsider/archives/8009 and on the main ACRL web site at http://www.ala.org/ala/mgrps/divs/acrl/index.cfm (just click on the slide show tabs numbered 2-6).

He is also on the ACRL Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/ala.acrl and will be featured on the 2013 Member of the Week board in Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/acrlala/ tomorrow.

“I am so honored to be Member of the Week for ACRL.” Xudong says. “As a CALA life member and President for 2009-2010, I would thank CALA as a professional librarian organization for Chinese Americans, from which I have learned a lot from my colleagues and friends.” 

Xudong wishes all CALA members a very happy Thanksgiving. Mary Jane Petrowski, ACRL Associate Director thanked him for a wonderful profile.

Congratulations Xudong! 



Li Fu

CALA Executive Director 2013-2016
Chinese American Librarians Association