CALA Receives Donation From New Var, Inc.


By Yingqi Tang and Xuefei Xiong

On behalf of the CALA board, the CALA Jing Liao Award for the Best Research Committee is pleased to announce that we have signed a five year agreement with New Var Inc. for the Jing Liao Award for the Best Research Travel fund. The first year’s contribution of $500 was received.

“New Var, Inc. ( is honored to contribute to the specific existing fund in supporting library and information related research and activities. Staying abreast of trends is very important to further advance Chinese-American librarianship. Thus, funding the distinguished researchers to attend a professional conference should be especially considered. ” said Xuefei XIONG, CEO of New Var, Inc.

New Var, INC., based in California, is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Beijing Superstar Co., Ltd. (SDG in short) to best serve SDG’s library clients and readers in North America. SDG has been serving academic communities of China studies since as early as 1993. It has become a full spectrum digital solution provider of Chinese academic resources, Oriental knowledge, and on-demand custom services for both academic and public libraries worldwide.

With an impressive infrastructure of over 3500 employees, SDG has maintained an outstanding annual growth in recent years and already reached annual revenue of 170 million US dollars in 2014. Through devotion to research and development in digital publishing since its outset, SDG has been recognized as one of the top leaders in the world’s digital libraries with its abundant publishing resources and constantly emerging publishing technologies.

SDG offers over 50 digital products, including resource databases, search platforms, reading machines, supporting tools, service systems and course-building platforms. Some major SDG products, e.g., Chinamaxx Digital, Duxiu Search, Superstar Discovery, Superstar Videos, Superstar Wenshi, Dacheng Old Journals and Daya Detection, have been customized and adapted for readers outside China who would like to acquire first hand content from China, have an interest in China studies, or people who want to study the Chinese language. These digital products developed by SDG strongly support China studies, enhance China research projects, and facilitate the writing of academic papers. They have become an indispensable research tool for studies on Chinese modern history, literature, politics, law, sociology, economics and discipline histories among other subjects.

In facing the new digital era of the traditional publication being merged with the new media development, SDG has deeply realized the huge challenges and understood that the merge is the only way to enhance SDG’s vitality and core competitiveness in the academic publishing world. SDG is well ready to launch its new and revolutionary digital platforms and products in the near future.

Lian Ruan, president of CALA expressed her gratitude to the company. She added that “Because of the generous gifts from many sponsors, CALA is able to offer financial support for the winner of Jing Liao Research Award to attend CALA Annual Conference. We are hoping we can fund our outstanding researchers in the long run. ”

Please join us in sending a HUGE THANK YOU to New Var Inc. for their support and generosity. More details about the Award are available at If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Jing Liao Award, please contact the committee chair, Ms. Yingqi Tang <>.