Call for Materials for CALA 40th Celebration

Dear colleagues and friends,

CALA is celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2012 and 2013. As part of this celebration, we will be collecting and archiving documents, photos and all other materials that reflect CALA historical moments, its people, and the accomplishments of this diverse community.

The CALA 40th Celebration Task-Force cordially invite y...ou to participate in this activity by sending your collections of CALA items to us. The due date has been extended to 1/31/2014. The outcomes will be published in various CALA channels (such as CALA 40th special issue, CALA website, CALA Facebook or CALA YouTube Channel) in Spring 2014.

To contribute content to CALA, please fill in the web-based data collection form, or copy and complete the form below into Word and send to us at as an attachment if you would like.
CALA 40th Celebration Material Collection Form

Your Name:

Your Title and Institution (if applicable):

Your Association with CALA (such as membership, offices held, year):

Your Short Bio (if available):

Questions (answer as many or as little as you would like):

1. What are some of the major events or moments you consider important to be included in CALA's historical timeline? Do you have any brochure, photo or some promotion materials for those events? If so, please send them along with this form.

2. Please provide a picture of yourself if you'd like to be included in the potential CALA People, CALA Leader, CALA Friends or CALA Donors columns in the celebration of CALA's 40th anniversary publication channels. Please fill in "Your Association with CALA," "Your Short Bio" and answer questions 5-9 below if applicable.

3. Do you have other CALA related photos or pictures to share? If yes, please send them along.

4. What CALA traditions have you witnessed? Please elaborate.

5. If you ever served on a CALA committee or task-force, what were the major accomplishments achieved by you or your group? In other words, how does what you and/or your group did (including but not limited to new initiatives, new services or new programs) had contributed to CALA's growth and development?

6. If you are still serving in one of the CALA offices, what are your or your group's main plans? You may give one or two examples.

7. If you ever served as a CALA President, what do you consider the major milestones of your presidency? How have you shaped CALA's history? What's your envision of CALA's future?

8. If you were a donor or ever coordinated fundraising efforts, please share some activities, historic events and their impacts.

9. If you are not a CALA member but you have taken an active interest in CALA and have involved in CALA endeavors, would you share your experiences and thoughts?

10. What CALA 40th celebration events are planned for your chapter? Please send your chapters' major historical materials and photos to us.

11. Do you have an article for us to consider being included in the special issue? If yes, please send it along with this form.

Thank you for your participation and contribution! If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact us.

CALA 40th Celebration Task-Force

Sai Deng (co-chair)
Yuan Li (co-chair)
Ximin Mi
Priscilla Yu
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