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Academic Books

  •  Chinese Chicago: race, transnational migration, and community since 1870  by Huping Lin. Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, ©2012.  9780804775588
  • Western literature in China and the translation of a nation by Shouhua Qi. New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.  9780230120877
  • A story of ruins: presence and absence in Chinese art and visual culture  by Wu Hung London : Reaktion Books, 2012. 9781861898760


Adult Non-fiction

  • Moove ahead of the corporate herd  by Tony Wong. 9781300263869



  • Escape to Gold Mountain: a graphic history of the Chinese in North America / by David H.T. Wong. Vancouver : Arsenal Pulp Press, c2012. 9781551524764

Juvenile Books

  • A faithful reading partner: a story from a Hakka village / by Suhua Huang. Author House. 9781468562675   
  • Nest in springtime: a mandarin Chinese-English bilingual book of numbers / by Belle Yang. Candlewick. 9780763652791

Best Book Award Committee Members


Kachuen (Carol) Gee (Co-Chair)

Jianye He (Co-Chair)

Wen Lien Lei (Michelle) Chan (2012-2014

Belinda Chiang (2012-2014)

Zhuo Fu (2012-2014)

Lianglei Qi (2012-2014)

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